23 Addicts Confess The Worst Thing They Did To Feed Their Addiction. This Is Eye Opening.


Former/current drug addicts of Reddit were asked: "What is the worst thing you've ever done to get a fix?" These are some of the best answers.

1/23 Pack-a-day smoker here. In my poor college student days, I would often walk around campus collecting butts from outdoor ashtrays to empty out and re-roll into new cigarettes.


2/23 My coke dealer was really into me so I dated him just for the free drugs. I thought I had the upper hand until one night after we had sex he left the room and came back with a friend. He told the guy I'd f*ck for coke. I did. I'm really ashamed.


3/23 My favorite drug always has been and always will be meth. I have been clean for 10 years, but I still want it. When I spent all the money I had on it, I started stealing from my friends and family. Pretty soon, I didn't have those people around either. I needed new income, so I started selling cocaine. I saw what my product did to people that was taking it. I didn't care.

I learned how to make crack and sold that too. I saw a high school friend and I gave him a sample. He came back the next day and the next and the next. I got him hooked and I ruined his life. He dropped out of college and started stealing from his parents. I still got paid and was able to get more meth.

I saw him this summer, he switched to heroin a few years ago. He is nothing but skin and bones and is a repeat offender. He actually thanked me for introducing him to drugs. He said without me, his mind wouldn't be free like it is now. His parents cut of all contact after he stole everything that wasn't bolted down. I destroyed an entire family. All because I wanted the next high.


4/23 I once had sex with a 50 year old guy for $60 so I could buy coke.


5/23 My grandmother died and left my a sh*tload of coins forged in silver. I melted it all down and got about 900 dollars. My girlfriend left me with her kids I'd come to love so I blew it all on heroin and probably almost died.

I'm doing fine now. Still can't find love for the life of me but I'm almost done with my computer science degree.


6/23 Not drugs, but I am recovered from a period of severe depression and an eating disorder. When it was really bad a few years ago I would spend all day (read 10 hours straight) bingeing and purging. I stole a LOT of food from stores and dining halls. I would sneak into the all-you-can-eat dining hall and spend hours there back and forth to the bathroom. Also stole a lot of leftovers from various events (think huge trays of thai food or pasta, etc) that people put in the communal fridge. When that was gone I would steal anything else I could find... raw tofu, condiments, stale rice, etc. And when I ran out of money I kept using my debit card and overdrawing massively at food courts and asked my parents for more money that I would immediately blow on food. I would tear my room apart for nickels for the vending machines and if I went to someone's house I would binge massively.

I knew I was mostly hurting myself, but I hated myself so I didn't care. I couldn't stop, it was horrible and I every minute of my life was hell. Somehow over time I recovered and now my life is together again. I am so grateful for every day now that I am no longer consumed by the disease. Thinking back on how I was living is like looking into the life of another person. It feels so disconnected from what my reality is now...


7/23 I basically stole my grandparents' car. I had been in an accident and the insurance money I got went straight up my arm. They don't really drive anymore and had two cars so I "borrowed" the older one. In my mind I intended to pay them for it... eventually. But deep down I knew I would never be able to get enough money together.

Thankfully I got clean and was able to pay them for it ... I lied about how much insurance money I got so no one ever found out about my addiction, and they just wrote off the extended "borrowing" as me being irresponsible and bad with money.


8/23 I hid in the bathroom of an illegal unfinished basement apartment while a homophobic crackhead got a blowjob from a delusional hippie, because I didn't want to bother them while they were having a good time. Finally I got bored, so I walked out to swap comic books so I could have something new to read while I waited.

Well, that ruined the mood for the guy. Then I begged the crackhead to give me two bucks of his panhandling money so I could use it for bus fare. That would get me to the Wal-Mart where I could shoplift half a dozen bottles of Robitussin and a box of wine in my messenger bag, then I'd bring it back so all three of us could party while listening to 70s psychedelic rock on the landlord's security camera computer that I helped the delusional hippie set up with VLC Media Player so we could rent CDs and DVDs from the public library next door so we wouldn't get so bored while hanging out and hiding from the landlord.


9/23 I inherited just over $20,000.00 USD worth of stock many years ago. In just under two years I blew almost all of it on really good LSD. That's about the stupidest/lowest thing I ever did to feed my drug problem. I think what makes this truly frightening to me is that I got the LSD at amazing prices and that I tripped that freakin' often on it. I regret it because right now I could REALLY use that $20k USD for actual important things.


10/23 I gently touched my friend's penis for a cigarette. I regret nothing.


11/23 I was using pretty heavy at the time and was desperate for some quick cash so I met a guy on craigslist who was really into scat. I sh*t on him and let him sh*t on me for $100. He was pretty well off so it was a reoccurring thing that probably happened about 2 times a week for almost 8 months.

I'm clean now though so that's a bonus.


12/23 I stole from my family; antiques from my grandma and money from my mom and dad. Stole pills from my mom. Beat the sh*t out a close friend for not paying me when she was due to (I'm a girl too). I would pop any pill anyone would give me.

The worst has got to be the sexual stuff. I was dating my dealer for a while and even after we broke up I basically gave him sexual rights to me anytime, anywhere as long as I still got oxy. After I moved I started hooking up with a new guy who sold, but not oxy. He ended up f*cking me and paying for my drugs which led to me f*cking for drugs pretty often. He would let his friends f*ck me and I participated in multiple threesomes and orgies with the promise of money or drugs at the end.


13/23 Twas the night before christmas, and all through the house, I stole my mothers old wedding band and pawned it to shoot cocaine in the church bathroom stall during the christmas eve service.

Yeah I don't do that anymore.


14/23 Guess the latest scam I did was over an electricity bill. My old room mates moved out, gave me $300 to pay the bill, I didn't pay it, spent it on dope. When debt collectors came I explained to them that I hadn't been living there in 6 months. Then I called the owner of the apartment (a rich friend) and said I needed $460 for the electricity bill. and then spent that on dope too.... Then I told dad I needed money for the debt collectors and spent that money on dope too... Now my phone rings a lot.


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15/23 Be the driver for prostitutes. I actually never slept with any of them because they were junkies I just drove the car.


16/23 I've done a lot of things for drug money. Selling people fake drugs, home invasions, stealing from stores was a big one, etc. But the thing I feel the absolute worst about is stealing from my mother.

She has always been extremely supportive, loving and nurturing. She makes about $30k a year, so naturally, she does not have a lot of money. My parents are divorced and my dad makes A LOT more than her and would seem like the more obvious option. But I never stole from him. I always stole from her. I would forge checks, sell her jewelry, sell our electronics, threaten violence on her for money and many other things. I've held a chef knife to her throat for money before.

Now I'm 2 years sober, and she loves me as if nothing ever happened. I can't imagine how she can deal with seeing me, never mind loving me. She is the main thing that keeps me from wanting to go back to using.


17/23 Pack a day smoker here. I was between jobs at the time and have a high tolerance for pain. So my friends bought me a pack of smokes for doing really stupid things. One of the worst things I've ever done was snort a line of black pepper in one nostril and a line of sea salt in the other. My nose burns just thinking about it.


18/23 When I was in heavy addiction/drinking I stole both of my young daughters money from their piggy banks to spend on dope. Some of the money was even their "first money" given to them as mementos from their grandparents. Holy sh*t did I feel awful about that, especially during the times of when I was still using .

I can still feel the guilt and pain of sneaking into each of their rooms while they slept, and very slowly and carefully, grabbing their piggy bank and holding it really tight so as to muffle the sound of clanging change shuffling against the sides of the piggy bank with each step as I exited the room. Then slowly and methodically going into another room and retrieving the paper money. Then, once again, going to the other daughters room and repeating the process, All the while nervous that my wife(ex wife now) would hear me. It is in moments like those when you realize just how quiet your house is. It's an awful feeling. But the following day(s) when I wasn't using felt even worse.

I've since gotten clean. Its taken a while, but I have forgiven myself. I was entitled to the full amount of emotional retribution that followed, however, I eventually stopped beating myself up over it. I've made my peace with myself, but especially with them. I will always be making a "living amends" to them to be the best dad I can be, a clean and sober dad, and a dad they deserve to have. That is my sentence. They are being repaid with more than just the money I stole. They've been given a responsible dad in return. And I've been given a new life.


19/23 One time within the past month I slept through my normal pickup time (and because I have no money) I robbed my friend at knife point. I've prostituted myself out, I've lied, I've allowed a fake check to clear so I could have the extra 100 dollars, putting me in the far negatives. But I think robbing that poor boy of all of his money on the day I knew he was sick, and I wasn't, would be the thing that defined me as a human being.

Leading a sober life doesn't make me any better of a human being, it just prevents me from hurting more people.


20/23 Plenty of scams.. Don't know where to start. I used to walk into Home Depots and go to the kitchen section and grab a $200 faucet head and run out of the store and take it to another HD and return it. When you don't have a receipt they will only give you store credit on a gift card, which I would sell to this guy I knew for half of the value ($100) and go get some dope. Heroin, that is.

This went on for a few months before I was chased out of the store by employees, which I can't believe it took them that long to catch on. So one day I decide to just snag a gift card and sell to the guy for the same price, but it was blank so needless to say he was furious so that was the end of that scam.


21/23 When my boyfriend was out of the country for two weeks, I pawned literally everything of worth in his house, including the vacuum cleaner. My thought was that two weeks was more than enough time to make enough money blowing guys from Craigslist to get all the stuff out of pawn by the time he got back. I spent it all on heroin and coke. It was the night before he was arriving and I, of course, was unable to get any of his stuff out of pawn. So I staged a robbery by breaking one of his windows and leaving the door ajar. I picked him up at the airport, arrived at the house and acted as surprised as him when we discovered all his stuff was gone.

Made a false police report and even gave a fake interview to the local paper. I blamed it on a nonexistent gardener who I said I saw snooping around the place. The worst part is that this was right before Christmas, so I told my boyfriend "they" had also stolen $200 in Christmas gifts I had bought. He gave me $200 cash because he felt bad. I was a total piece of sh*t. Bright side? Rehab finally worked and I just celebrated 3 years of sobriety yesterday! I'm not with the guy anymore. Also, I'm a guy.


22/23 Stole my dead grandmothers wedding ring that she left to my sister and swapped it for 2 bags of smack.


23/23 Alcoholic checking in here, I used to wait for my wife to get in the shower at night and them stumble down my unlit half paved street in my sweatpants and slippers in the rain to the corner liquor store, buy a bottle of cheap rot gut vodka, and then down the whole thing before she was done. She never knew I left the house.


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