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2/22 The sex scene between Jeremy Irons and Sam Phillips in Die Hard: With A Vengeance was added in last minute because director John McTiernan knew the film would get an R rating and figured he might as well put a sex scene in.

3/22 A Good Day to Die Hard was the first film in the series to feature an original screenplay not based on any prior works. It was written by Skip Woods, who was a screenwriter for Hitman and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

4/22 The scene where Gruber and McClane meet in Die Hard was added after filmmakers found out Alan Rickman had a great American accent. They had been looking for a way for the characters to meet earlier on in the film and used his talent as the perfect opportunity. This scene was also unrehearsed prior to filming to create a sense of spontaneity.

5/22 Black & Decker paid to have its cordless drill featured Die Hard 2 but the scene was cut in post-production. Black & Decker sued 20th Century Fox, which was the first product placement lawsuit for a film. The $150,000 claim was settled out of court.

6/22 While filming the elevator scene of Live Free or Die Hard Maggie Q's stunt double kicked him above his eye with her spiked heels and when medics examined the injury they saw his bone was exposed. He was hospitalized and received seven stitches.

7/22 The headquarters of 20th Century Fox were used for the Nakatomi Tower in Die Hard. The company charged itself for rent for the use of the unfinished building.

8/22 Extra-loud blanks were used in the guns for Die Hard to make the fight scenes hyper realistic. Unfortunately in one scene the proximity of the gun to Bruce Willis' ear caused him permanent hearing loss.

9/22 The movie title Live Free or Die Hard is a reference to New Hampshire's state motto "Live free or die". The New Hampshire film office received several phone calls from fans after the film premiered asking to visit the filming locations.

10/22 Die Hard: With A Vengeance screenwriter Jonathan Hensleigh was detained by the FBI because his script revealed he knew extensive information about the Federal Gold Reserve in Manhattan. He told them he got all the information from an article written in the New York Times.

11/22 Bruce Willis ad-libbed so many one liners that audience responded well to that more gags were added for Die Hard 2 and Willis was told he could ad-lib as many lines as he wanted.

12/22 When McClane runs through the glass shards in his bare feet in Die Hard, Bruce Willis is actually wearing special rubber shoes designed to look like bare feet. If you pause the movie during the scene you can see that his "feet" look unnaturally large.

13/22 In the opening credits for Live Free or Die Hard the "M" in Kevin Smith's name slowly disappears so his name is "Kevin Sith", a tribute to his and his character's love of the Star Wars series.

14/22 Bruce Willis was shooting his TV show Moonlighting concurrently with Die Hard so would shoot the TV show during the day and come to Fox in the evening.

15/22 The scenes for Die Hard 2 filmed in Denver required so much snow that snow machines from a local ski resort would arrive with truck loads of ice every night because it would melt during the day.

16/22 For the shot where Gruber falls off the building in Die Hard, Alan Rickman was dropped by a stuntman from a 21-foot model to an air bag. To elicit the right reaction the stuntman dropped Rickman on the count of two, not three.

17/22 Bruce Willis is the only cast or crew member to be involved in all five Die Hard films.

18/22 It took four months to assemble the archival footage of Franklin D. Roosevelt and George W. Bush to create the televised warning from Gabriel in Live Free or Die Hard.

19/22 Bruce Willis' Live Free or Die Hard stunt double Larry Rippenkroeger suffered broken bones in face and both wrists after falling 25 feet to the pavement. Willis graciously paid for Larry's parents to stay in a nearby hospital and visited him several times in the hospital.

20/22 On Alan Rickman's first day of shooting Die Hard he filmed the scene where Gruber first runs into McClane. He jumped off a 3-foot tall ledge and damaged the cartilage in his knee. His doctor told him not to put any weight on the leg and use crutches for the week so Rickman filmed the rest of the scene standing on one leg with a leg brace on under his pants.

21/22 Die Hard was based on Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorpe, a novel that takes place over three days. Director John McTiernan was inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream to have the movie take place all in a single night instead.

22/22 The sandwich board that Bruce Willis wore while filming Die Hard: With A Vengeance in Harlem was blank. The text "I Hate N*ggers" was added with CGI in post-production so that no one on the street would be offended. The film produced an alternative version that said "I Hate Everybody" for the more family-friendly TV networks to broadcast. The studio had originally told screenwriter Jonathan Hensleigh to remove the scene but he threatened to take the script to another studio if they removed it.

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