Professionals Who Work With People's Bodies Share The Weirdest Thing They Ever Found On A Customer's Body.


People on Reddit who work with people's bodies (hairdressers, beauticians, massage therapists...) were asked: "What is the most disgusting/weirdest thing you've have ever seen on a customer's body?" These are some of the best answers.

1/21 Pathologist here. I have dealt with every excretion the human body is capable of producing, and the worst was a stool sample that was literally crawling with pinworms.


2/21 Personal Trainer here - Finding out that you're training a person who has a butt plug in while they're doing front squats is well... interesting.


3/21 Nurse here. Had a woman come in with a broken femur. She had wet the bed, and when we went to clean her up, she had this... this stuff encrusted all over her crotch, thighs, and folds. It looked like if you were to cut up wet cardboard into confetti-sized piece. She smelled like a mix of sweat, rotting fish, and cat piss. It actually stung my eyes. Myself and the tech had to step away from the job for a few minutes to gather ourselves.


4/21 Massage therapist/Esthetician here. The grossest thing I've personally dealt with isn't necessarily a "thing". It's super heavy smokers. Once the massage lotion gets worked in, the smell just seeps out of their entire body and fills the small, closed room I'm trapped in for an hour. I just gotta power through it and hope my room airs out before my next client.

If you do smoke, please wash your hands before the service because they always smell the strongest. Maybe try to hold off on smoking for like an hour before your massage. When it's faint I have no problem with it, but sometimes it's like I've been teleported into an ash tray. And this is coming from someone who smokes half a pack every day after work.


5/21 Hairstylist here. I see a lot of questionable things in regards to hygiene, maintenance, and standard upkeep. The first few times I heard that you just got out of the gym and you're sweaty, I thought it was gross and kind of rude but hey, it's just sweat. Let's wash that mop. On that note, a lot of people have dandruff and most of you have pimples on your neck (sorry if you didn't know), and I've seen more than enough greasy hair to last me a lifetime. I'm not exactly squeamish.

But there was one client who made me want to drop my shears and never look back when I parted their hair and there was MOULD growing on their scalp. This person never washed their hair and kept it in a ponytail all the time. Nopety nope nope. There were not enough showers in the world after seeing that.


6/21 RN here. Infected penile implant. Patient too old and sick to have it removed. Split that sucker like a banana.


7/21 I am a barber in NC. As a barber in NC you get use to very stinky greasy people. You power through and collect your 12 bucks. The worst case I ever had was actually in barber school. A lady came in once, brought in by a hospital, to get her head shaved.

She had been bedridden for 2 years and her son was "taking care of her." He had actually just been showing up to collect her disability and keeping her barely alive. Another family member that shopped for her tried to buy groceries to bring to her son and the card was declined. She was curious to why so she went to the house of the lady and found her in horrible conditions. Covered in [feces], grown into the bed, hair one giant dreadlock, and open sores. She called the police and the son was arrested. They brought her to the hospital which was beside my barber school, to get medical attention. Once they cleaned her up a bit, they brought her to school for a haircut.

She entered the school on an IV drip and had 2 nurses with her. In school you are on a rotation, so what comes in is yours... It was my turn. So the lady is assigned to me and another girl. You could smell this lady as soon as she walked in. She looked like the hospital cleaned her up as best they could. The ladies hair is so bad she actually gets assigned two students. So me being as professional as possible brought the lady back to my station and sat her down. The other student came over and had a terrified look on her face. I struck up a conversation with the lady and she told me about the last to years of her and told me to just buzz her head. We put on gloves and proceeded to try and shave her head. The clippers I was using were Oster 76's and they are powerful. They were not powerful enough, the bogged down and cut only a few hairs. So I pulled out my trusty shears and cut off the massive dread holding us back. That smell was the second worst smell of my life. I kept calm and ignored it as best I could, rubbing after shave under my nose to hide the odour. The girl helping me instantly started to vomit and had to walk away. Other students were vomiting too and half our clients left the building. The woman started crying, I assured her it was okay, and that they just had weak stomachs. I dropped the dread on the ground and went back for my clippers.

I stood behind the chair and went to start the buzzcut. That's when I noticed a nest of maggots in her hair. I looked on the ground and bugs were crawling out of the dread. I quickly swept it up and retrieved a hazard bag from one of the nurses. I cleaned the bugs out of her hair and was finally able to buzz it. The woman was very nice and in very good spirits most of the time, minus the one. I then offered her a free shampoo and conditioner treatment for dry scalp, on the house. She accepted and the treatment got rid of most of the fowl odour that was emanating from the lady. I also gave here a free facial and massage. She once again started crying, but this time it was because she was so happy. This was the last step in her feeling like a human again. Her son was put in jail, but I don't know for how long. It was a terrible, disgusting day, but it had a happy ending.


8/21 Removing > 10 bot fly larvae from a man's scrotum.


9/21 A couple of months ago I massaged a man with a cyst on his back and it ruptured all over my forearm as I steam rolled through his back. The smell was somewhere around death and rotten cheese.


10/21 I have a semi regular client who has so much hair on his body and wants such deep pressure that no matter how much oil or lotion I use it always gives me rug burn and I have even found his hair in my mouth and on my face.


11/21 Mould in people's hair. Some people do not wash their hair very often, the problem is when they have a weave and it gets wet and never fully dries. I washed this girl's hair who hadn't shampooed it in a month. The smell was horrible. Also taking out weaves that have been in for a while involves a very specific, bad smell.


12/21 I do full body waxing for women and my most popular service are Brazilian waxes. Now, you see your fair share of weird stuff but I'll admit that for the most part people are hygienic...thankfully. The most common things I encounter are slight odours or occasional poop that was missed in a butt hole but nothing prepared me for this one client that I had recently had.

First off, this woman was not my regular client but had been at my job before to see another waxer. No big deal. I go through my whole speech I do while she undresses so that I could find out what exactly she wanted and what her history was like. She claims that she's a baby with pain. I'm used to this so no big deal. Then, she advises me to place a few extra paper towels below her on the table because she has a bladder problem and sometimes "leaked"when a strip was pulled. Okay....normally, the ladies I work with would refuse service but I felt really bad and didn't want to insult her so I got to it.

Number one, she was terrible with the pain and had an insane amount of overgrowth. I could deal with that until enough bush was removed to get hit in the face with this smell. It was an odour like nothing else. It smelled very very strongly of urine that was really old and concentrated mixed with vagina. It nearly knocked me off my feet. Add to this the fact that her genitals were actually stained from urine. In all honesty I should have discontinued her service for my own well being and sanitary purposes but I forced myself to finish and get her out. When she got up I saw her "leakage" it looked like watery mustard and I had to try very hard not to gag and run screaming. After all this, she says, "your tip is included in the price right?" I said no and she says "thieves" and leaves.

It took hours to get the stench out of my nose and I had to thoroughly sanitize my room.


13/21 I was once an STNA at a nursing home. We had a new guy come in. He had an alarm on his bed because he was a fall risk. Anyway I had just gotten on and we were finishing report when his alarm goes off so my and my partner go running to his room. We get there and find him standing up with his back towards us with nothing but a hospital gown on. We ask him to please sit down and he starts cussing us out because apparently he had stood up to pee in his urinal container. So we offer to help him.

Now it was 6 am and still pretty dark so we didn't notice until we got closer to him that he had two round dark spots one on each butt cheek. My partner and I look closer to make sure they weren't bruises or something and no surprise they were eyeballs. The man had eyeballs tattooed one on each butt cheek. We laughed pretty hard about that one.


14/21 Body piercer here. The only thing I've seen so far after 3 years in my line of work was a girl with warts all over her junk, she had then literately everywhere, on her vag, on her butt hole, all over her legs and butt cheeks. There are things out there to help control or get rid of warts but this girl seamed like she just didn't care.


15/21 Registered nurse here, I have so many but this one story makes everyone throw up in their mouths a little. So I was walking my friend through a male foley catheter insertion on a pretty unwell guy. She's all prepped up and ready with sterile gloves, its my job to retract the penis foreskin and hold it up.

I peel back the foreskin and all this smegma just flakes out, its everywhere, disgusting smelly blobs of the stuff all over the head and underside of his penis. We spent about ten minutes cleaning it all off before we could actually count the penis as clean. You could smell it from a foot away. This was a 60+ year old, uncircumcised man with like four adult children who had no idea about cleaning his penis.


16/21 Massage therapist here. I had a woman who was so heavily dosed on pain killers she was sweating them out. Sounds cool right? No. It was the most acrid, putrid smell I've ever smelled. She was so hunched over she was perpetually looking at the floor as she walked. Honestly, a 90 degree angle in her spine. Horrifying. I can't imagine the daily pain she was in. How did she even get to my office? Nobody ever came with her.

So as she walks down the hall this smell FOLLOWS her. It lingers. It sticks to your hair. I swear to God, she smelled as if she were decomposing. Her skin just sloughed off. I had to take a dry towel and wipe off the layers upon layers of dead skin that absorbed oils and came off in rolls in my hands. I tried using Biofreeze to not only to help her muscle pain, but also to mask the smell.


17/21 X ray tech here. The smell of a rotting diabetic foot is literally the worst smell I've ever experienced.


18/21 Esthetician here. I was once doing a facial on a woman, her treatment included a foot massage. So I go down to her feet, hot towel them and grab my massage cream... When I realize her feet are covered in warts. Like, not one wart, but many. I asked her if there was anything she forgot to put on the consultation form, she said no... So I just grabbed some gloves and went to town. Needless to say I didn't give her a very long massage.


19/21 I work in long-term care so I deal with urine and feces daily. Not a problem for me, I get right in there to get the job done.

The one thing that has truly grossed me out was when a new resident was showing me his nightly routine so that I could get accustomed to it, he was on the toilet and whipped out a bottle of mineral oil. He stuck his index finger in the bottle in a descriptive step-by-step manner and proceeded to stick his finger knuckle-deep under his foreskin. He was digging around for a solid minute before he pulled out his nightly, cheesy surprise. How I managed to keep a straight face is beyond me.


20/21 I'm a registered nurse. I had a diabetic patient with gangrene of the penis and scrotum. The groin area was swollen, purulent and extremely necrotic. While the doctor was examining the patient the blackened dead penis fell off and rolled onto the ground.


21/21 Pressure ulcers when left for too long will leave large gaping holes in the place of contact. I was helping the nurse with one of my residents so she could repack one of the wounds, and I swear it was like a magic trick; at least five feet of bloody, puss drenched gauze was pulled out of this woman's back. Nasty stuff.



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