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1/22. I'm Canadian and I went down to the US to do a little shopping. I accidentally pulled out some Canadian bills and the cashier asked why I kept Monopoly money in my wallet.


2/22. I asked an old lady if it's true all Americans carry guns. She smiled and pulled a revolver out of her purse. She was a nice lady.


3/22. I went to Applebees, and was served by a nice young lady called Brittany who asked me with a serious face if we have trees in Scotland.


4/22. Well. I hadn't even arrived yet in the US but in the plane as a foreigner you have to fill a paper to enter the country with various questions among which "Did you come to murder the President of the United States?


5/22. When I went to the U.S. the first time and ordered a meal from Burger King, ordering a large fry, coke, and a Whopper, I was blown away by the size of it all. Each item was larger than the same item back home, I was already like "wtf", but then the cashier said I could have a second Whopper for 1$! Again, I was like "wtf, sign me up!"

Another time, while I was in Daytona, I went to a restaurant and the woman kept refilling my drink, again and again. Being a bit shy, I did not tell her to stop, and expected a bill with 15$ for sodas, but then I found out the refills were free, wtf!? FREE REFILLS?! I'd only seen that at places like Subway, but so many restaurants in the U.S. had free refills.

I love the U.S. for restaurants and food in general, the portions are massive and very reasonably priced.


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6/22. Not mine, but my friend told me about his British boss getting pulled over for speeding. As is the tradition in England, he got out of the car to meet the police officer and it went about as well as you'd expect.


7/22. Australian here - I went to Houston last year and spoke to a girl my age in the airport, we got chatting about Uni/College (it was around July) and she asked me if I was on my summer vacation. I casually explained I was on my winter break. She was genuinely confused and did not understand how it was summer in the US but Winter in Australia. I tried to explain but eventually gave up.


8/22. I'm from America, and I have a friend from Australia. It amazes him that there are so many flags, everywhere. Apparently that is a distinct USA thing. He'll make jokes about how we all forget where we are.


9/22. I'm from Canada and went to Cici's Pizza in Florida. Holy shit $5 for an all you can eat buffet which was basically a fast pass to witness a ton of gluttony that was on another level.


10/22. French ex-exchange teenager in Cali here. Summer 97. I was young and missed the field-trip bus to Disneyland from San Diego. So I did something pretty stupid, I hitchhiked there by myself. Dude who took me looked like a plainclothes cops, but a good buddy. When he heard I was French he told me to never ever hitchike in USA because its pretty dangerous. Plus people could assume Im a serial killer. So I boasted "Look at you! you don't think Im a serial killer. Im not that dangerous-looking or you are careless." He told me to open the glovebox in front of me: There was a suppospedly loaded, desert eagle inside.

He dropped me at the bus station and insisted to give me 10 dollars for ticket (I had cash) and waited for me to get on the bus.


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11/22. When I first moved to America one of the first things I saw after leaving JFK was a homeless man masturbating outside of Union Station. It wouldn't have been that strange, except I had heard a lot of things about NYC from people who had been there (or knew someone who knew someone, etc) and I was worried what I was seeing was just going to be an everyday, everywhere thing all throughout the country.


12/22. Went into a shop, they had spray on cheese.

I don't think the majority of Americans here know how ridiculous that sounds to the rest of us.





13/22. "Do you have cellphones in Norway?"

This was in 2012. Kids nowadays get an iPhone and/or iPad before they're born.


14/22. Me paying at 'gas' station. Attendant hears I have an accent. Smiles at me.

"You speak English so well"

"Thanks! Although I should do...I'm from England"

Cue confused look. "Wait? They..." she trailed off "speak......English........there?"

Her colleague stared at her in open mouthed disbelief and then broke out laughing with the other customers. She looked mortified. To be fair I felt terrible for her. She was only trying to be friendly to a foreigner.


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15/22. I visited the US, never understood suburban young kids with huge trucks that clearly do not do any manual labor. I visited, but I also have lived here my whole life.


16/22. After moving to the States from Africa, as a teen, I am repeatedly asked why I moved to Africa in the first place, to which I reply that I've always lived there.

I am also asked, "So why are you white?" To which I reply, "Oh my God, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white!" However, when they reply with blank stares I realize they aren't referencing Mean Girls...

Some other questions:

So Africa is one country and all the borderlines are, like, states?

Are there, you know, buildings?

You guys have memes over there, right?



17/22. I was complimented on my excellent English by a girl from Ohio.

I'm Canadian. She thought we all spoke German.


18/22. Was in Northern New York (near Buffalo) and a waitress overheard that I was headed "back to the Pacific Ocean". She asked where I was going and I said Vancouver. "No honey..Vancouver is in Canada and that is on the Atlantic Ocean."

I said "Canada is from sea to sea just like America." She replied "No that's not right, only America is from sea to sea."

The combination of her being absolutely sure about something and her total ignorance was surprising enough but the fact that she felt she should basically interrupt our conversation by telling me I am wrong about what ocean I live beside was weird.


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19/22. I'm from Canada and the first thing I saw upon my arrival to Port Angeles, Washington (which happened to be the first time I stepped foot in the states), was a large spherical lady sitting in the middle of the sidewalk blocking my path to the bus terminal, just staring at me.

Another time, I was in San Diego one summer and a woman, genuinely curious, asked me if it was summer in Vancouver too.


20/22. A couple, I went to University at Cal State Fresno (I was a country boy from Canada). When I was there the entire downtown of Fresno was boarded up and you did not go there after dark (actually anytime), and a full blown gun/gang fight outside of my apartment (in Clovis - a suburb near the University). For a kid from small town Canada that was mind blowing.


21/22. Was in Spokane at Silverwood (amusement park) and asked where the washroom was. I was promptly told there were no washrooms in the park. This happened a good handful of times and it never even occurred to me that I had to say restroom to receive any real help.


22/22. I was in Vegas with 3 Danish friends, and we were very hungover (3 of us, not the driver).

We decided to go for a drive in the convertible, after 15 minutes a police officer on a bike drives up next to us and just stares into the car.

This lasted like 5-10 seconds, so the driver turns his head and asks "anything wrong officer?"

The officer replied, in a super angry tone "Keep your motherf**kin' eyes on the motherf**kin' road!"

He continued to follow us for about a mile, just staring at us



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