22 People Were Asked: 'What's The Dumbest Thing You've Ever Corrected Someone On?'


We've all made spelling mistakes, forgotten important dates, hell even forgotten to lock our front door. But everyone once in a while you encounter someone who has misinterpreted something so wrong that it puts all your past mistakes to shame.

People on Reddit were asked: "What's the most simple thing you've ever had to explain to a fully competent adult?" Some of these answers are shocking.

1. That it is called an ash tray, not as ass tray. He didn't believe me, but had sound logic. He said "but then why are they called cigarette butts?".


2. That it was World War I and World War II, not War War I and War War II.


3. That black people in Africa are not "African-American"


4. I had to explain that "No, the refrigerator light will not heat up and spoil the food near it. See? It turns off when the door is shut. Yes, I am sure, see this button? Yes, the door makes the light go off by pushing in this button"

She took the light bulb out anyway "just to be sure". This was my sister in law.


5. That if they worked for 7.8 hours it does not mean they are getting paid for 7 hours and 80 minutes.... I had to explain this to an adult multiple times!


6. If there is a disabled person in the car, I get to use their handicapped plaque to park. The disabled person doesn't actually have to drive, they just have to be in the car. I'm not making my disabled aunt walk across the parking lot just because I drove and you are too stupid to figure out that a car fits more than one person.


7. When you get your food to go, walk outside in -20 weather,drive 30 mins home, the food will be cold. Don't call the restaurant and complain because you don't understand thermodynamics.


8. I spent 30 minutes explaining to my MIL why she can't connect her tablet to her home wifi while she's at work.


9. That suicide exists and that there are actually people who want to kill themselves. She was like 'Noo, come on, if you're feeling bad just take a bath and focus on the good sides, nobody wants to die.'


10. Tried to explain to a graduate student, who was a few days from graduating, that she didn't have to take her BMW to the dealer because the water stopped coming out of the windshield wipers. She could buy a bottle of fluid for like $1-$2 and just refill it. She bought the bottle of fluid at an auto parts store and poured it into the gas tank.


11. Last week during dinner, I told my 23 year old, recent college graduate brother, that I was planning on making pickles when we got home. He looked at me dumbfounded with a eye wide eyed stare.

I had to explain to him that pickles did not grow out of the ground as pickles, and are in fact, cucumbers.


12. Honey, you don't actually blow.


13. That islands don't float, you cannot dive/swim underneath them, that they are attached to the ocean floor.


14. To a girl at work, that Nelson Mandela and Morgan Freeman aren't same.


15. That the cardinal directions of the compass are in fact NOT just alternatives to simple directions relative to the user. As in, she thought North was just another word for forward.


16. Got into an argument once with my ex over whether or not he had a scrotum, because he firmly believed that "only women had them."


17. Today, my older brother (who is 20) asked me whether ice cubes goes into the stomach, or if they go "in the stomach for liquids". I kindly had to explain him, than humans only have one stomach where both liquids and solids go.


18. That the Holocaust was, in fact, not a person.


19. That Vietnam is the name of a country, and not just the name of a war.

Girl kept insisting I wasn't old enough to have gone there, and was utterly confused that I said I went two years ago.


20. Just because the chocolate says organic doesn't mean its a health food.


21. Had to explain to a guy that if 4 builders built a wall and took 4 hours, that 6 builders building the wall would not take 6 hours.


22. El Nio isn't a Latino pop star.


Posts have been edited for clarity.


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