22 Parents Reveal What They Think Is The Worst Modern Parenting Trend.


This article is based on the AskReddit question "What is the worst parenting trend to date?"

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1/22. Shielding children from the natural consequences of their actions. They don't learn from their mistakes and the consequence price tags are so much higher when they become adults.


2/22. Not teaching basic manners and giving them a ridiculous sense of entitlement.


3/22. Let them go outside, let them exercise, let them experience. In Europe, it is the norm (as it should be) that kids are allowed to walk to and back from school. Somehow "free-range" is a trend.


4/22. Anti vaccinators. Yeah let's risk my kids life over a myth that isn't true.


5/22. Taking youth sports too seriously.

I helped with and attended games for years, and can count on one hand the number of times I saw a child lose their temper. Parents lost it all the time. More than once I've seen a parent have to be physically restrained.


6/22. People having their kids stay up with them until the wee hours of the morning. By 11pm they are cranky, fussy, and clearly tired.

Put. Your. Kids. To. Bed.


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7/22. Parents never telling their children "no" and refusing to set any boundaries.

I get empowering children by giving them a voice in decision-making and the freedom to speak their minds, but general social norms would be nice.

Listening to 8 year olds throw fits in public and being rude to family and strangers (at top volume) is not endearing in any way.


8/22. Taking your kids to the pub with you on a weekend.

I'm not talking an afternoon lunch with a glass of wine or two. I'm talking about kids being left to run amok in car parks and on pavements while parents sit inside and have a drink.

Look after your kids.


9/22. Parents who fill up their kids schedules so they have zero downtime; school from 6-4, after school study + extra school/tutoring from 4-5, piano lessons from 5-5:45, softball from 6-8 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, cheerleading on Mondays and Wednesdays, Gymnastics Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, piano practice from 8-8:45, homework from 8:45-9:30, bed. Rinse and repeat.

Oh if you get less than an A- you're grounded.

Knew a girl whose schedule was like that. Complete wreck.


10/22. Not letting them makes mistakes. With many people, you can tell them not to do something because ___ all you want, but they will never properly get it until they actually do it and ___ happens. Forbidding your kids from doing anything even remotely risky does more harm than good later on.


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11/22. The "Mommy Wars" are the worst. As in, if you don't have the same parenting styles as someone else you're stupid/selfish and harming your kids. Example:

Breastfeeding vs Bottle-Feeding

Public School vs Private School vs Boarding School vs Homeschooling

The mom/wife who works vs the mom/wife who is a homemaker


12/22. Indigo kids. Parents believing that their children have super powers because they are acting like brats. Sure, let's not only tell the bratty kids that they are better than everyone, but let's also put them with the other brats. I'm sure this won't end badly


13/22. I hate when parents get mad at me for telling off their kids. I work in hospitality and we have a bowl of mints at the bar with tongs to grab them out. One night these three kids, all under age 10 but old enough to know better, just started diving their hands into the bowl. I told them politely to use the tongs, then I told them off when they ignored my request. The parents got mad at me instead of their kids, even though their kids just made me throw out a whole bowl of mints. If you're incapable of disciplining your child properly, don't get upset when someone else does it for you.


14/22. I have no issue with parents sharing adorable baby pics. HOWEVER, sharing pics of your kid on social media, either in the bathtub or doing bodily functions is not okay.

1). It's gross. I don't think your kid's blowout diaper or "first poopy in the toilet" is funny or cute. I don't want that on my timeline.

2). Pedos are out there, be careful.

3). I know it's hard to imagine, but little Peighsyn is gonna be a big boy someday. In fact, he may even be on social media in the future. His friends (AND EMPLOYERS) are gonna see those gross vomit and poop pics. Not a good idea.


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15/22. Shielding their kid from failure. There are so many people now that are afraid of failing, so much so, that they don't even attempt something new if they have a hint that they may fail at it.


16/22. Raising your kids vegan. Raising your kids gender neutral and letting them pick for themselves. Anti-vaccinations.


I work in pediatrics. I've seen all of the above effect the child in a negative way, yes even the second. They get confused and don't know what to like and why people refer to them as "them" "they". It also makes it mega awkward when I have to give them a coloring page and stickers and don't know what to pick.

Note: parents deliberately raising kids as gender neutral is different from the kid deciding later on.

Anti vaccination kids always get sick faster

Vegan raised kids are usually underweight and malnourished and deficient in a number of vitamins.


17/22. "I'm taking away your video games/computer/laptop/phone until you bring your grades up or start caring about school."

Any parents reading this, it does not work AT ALL. They won't study to bring their grades up, they wil study to get their things back. After they get their things back, they will go back to their normal routines, and it becomes a cycle.


18/22. Sheltering them from music that they don't want them to listen to. like for example, the parent only allows radio Disney. What if the kid who is 8 doesn't like it? That's not fair to the kid to not be allowed to explore and get their own taste. Glad my mom never sheltered.


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19/22. Pushing your kids to bring home flawless reports. Had a friend my sophomore year of high school (straight A student, extra curricular stuff) with strict parents obviously living vicariously through her- who blew her head off with her dad's shotgun sitting at the kitchen table because it was near finals week, her grades were plummeting and the only boyfriend she's ever had had just broken up with her 3 days prior. I'd like to introduce a new parenting trend; Talking to your kids, listening and understanding.


20/22. Parents assuming that once a child hits school age that it's the schools responsibility to raise them. These same parents then get angry when their child is punished by the school.

See this FAR too often.


21/22. Beauty Pageants. I have no problem with them it's just that the age these parents make their kids enter and the shit they do to try to win like doping them up on sugar and energy drinks. Using spray tans and makeup on kids that are sometimes 1-2 years old! And in the end they extort their child for little to no monetary gain. I've seen parents neglect their other kids in favor of the pagent queen. And in the end you get a spoiled brat that throws a hissy fit and is disrespectful. But who cares, you spent 15k to win 5k and you're on TLC.


22/22. Teasing your kids for things. I get it, you're excited that Frankie has a girlfriend, but teasing him about it, especially at a young age, might accidentally scare him away from dating as a whole.



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