Military personnel of Reddit were asked: "What's the best/weirdest/funniest punishment you've seen handed down by a superior?" These are some of the best answers.

1/22 Guy in basic dropped the biggest turd you've ever seen in the commode. So he shows the drill sergeants who then make him suit up in full combat gear weapon and all, and guard it all night. The whole "Halt! Who goes there?" Pretty amusing.


2/22 A private was caught walking to the showers without wearing his clothes. (Just holding his towel and walking nude). The showers were in the same bay, and it was just males in the bay, but a female Drill from another platoon came in and saw him, and made him drop and give 50 pushups while nude.


3/22 In our unit we had one guy that would constantly hum songs. Well one day our CO had enough of his behavior so he tells him to report to his locker. So he goes to his locker and stands in front of it, CO tells him to get inside the locker. When he does he shuts and locks the door with him inside. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a quarter and pushes it through the vent holes and tells the guy to start singing, and tells him that whenever someone puts a quarter in the slot he was to sing another song. This went on for 6 hours, the guy made around 15 bucks in quarters and we were all in pain from laughing at him. Needless to say he acquired the name 'Jukebox' and never hummed again.


4/22 "What are they going to do? Bend my dog tags? Take my birthday away? chuckle chuckle"

Uhm... Yep, apparently a Navy Captain did just that once on purpose by deliberately sailing parallel to the International Dateline then slipping across it right on midnight. Tomorrow suddenly became yesterday and no birthday for you this year ya chuckle head.


5/22 During Beast at USAFA, one of my fellow cadets started laughing at one of our Flight NCOs whistling that "To the left, to the left" song. Cadre went off on him...

"Basic Cadet Snoo, are you laughing!?"
"Yes, sir!"
"Why are you laughing, do you know what happened today!?"
"No, si-"
"BRUCE WILLIS DIED TODAY! Do you hate Bruce Willis!?"
"No, sir!"
"No excuse, si-"
"Today is a day of national tragedy! We need to memorialize his death. Pick up one of
those rocks!"
[Does so]
"This is now the Bruce Willis Memorial Rock. What should we name it!?"
"Sir, I do not kno-"
"WE'RE GONNA NAME IT BRUCE! From now until the end of Basic, you will carry Bruce with you at all times! If I ask you how Bruce is doing, you will show me Bruce and sound off 'Yippekaiyay, sir." Do you understand!?"
"Yes, sir!"
"How's Bruce!?"


6/22 In US Army Basic training, one soldier lost his canteen and asked the Drill Sergeant if he had seen it. The Drill was angry at this for some reason and made the private wander around for a few hours asking all kinds of inanimate objects if they had seen his canteen. So things like: "Truck, have you seen my canteen?"


7/22 Got caught on basic with my iPod and I ran around the camp for near 2 hours with my iPod over my head shouting "I'm a stupid f**k for bringing my iPod in the field" as the "enemy" was attacking our camp. I then proceeded to put my iPod in a plastic bag then taped it onto my helmet and from there on I responded to Private iPod. When my instructor shouted play I had to sing, skip I had to switch song etc... It lasted 2 weeks, even during the night when I had 1-2 hours to sleep.


8/22 A service member was a total f*ck-up, to put it gently. Couldn't be on time, couldn't show up dressed to standards, constantly forgot professional courtesies, so on. When he was on his last straw, his squad leader pulled him aside and more or less started yelling, then stopped himself.

"No. You know what? I'm done yelling at you. It doesn't work. Stay right here; don't go anywhere." He stormed off into the company building. The phrase, "stay right here, don't go anywhere" is typically the precursor to something horrible happening when said in anger. The squad leader eventually emerged carrying a small-ish potted tree which he hands to the service member.

"You will keep this tree alive. You will carry this with you where ever you go in uniform. You will take it to PT, you will take it to chow, you will take it to work. If anyone asks you why you're carrying this f*cking tree around, you will tell them, 'It's to replace the oxygen I stole from everyone else.' "

Probably the funniest punishment I've ever seen, and we'll never see it again (because you're not allowed to do that).


9/22 I saw a guy be forced to slow dance with a mop for one hour straight.


10/22 We had a guy that somehow got his watch through the indoc (They take all your crap when you first get there). Well the DIs found out he had it when they saw him wearing it one day, so they put him in the squad bay trashcan and put the lid on it. Every time they walked by and kicked it he'd pop out with his watch and yell, "SIR THE TIME ON DECK IS ZERO-NINE-FORTY-FIVE!" and then go back into his can like the freakin' Grouch from Sesame Street.

It was really, really hard not to laugh at that.


11/22 A fellow lance corporal at the time let out a sneeze. Huge snot rocket pops out and lands on his cheek, I mean just one beast of a thing. My sergeant standing in front of him talkin to him while this happened let out a "What the f*ck you nasty b*tch, put it back." And right back up it went. Funniest shit I have seen.


12/22 I was in a gender-mixed company in basic. The third floor of the barracks was split with females on one half and males on the other. Males were not allowed in the female half and vice versa. My platoon was out back practicing throwing grenade bodies and a window on the female side of the third floor opened and a male sneaked out of the window onto the ledge. It was immediately obvious to everyone, including our drill sgt, that he had been in there messing around with a female and a drill sgt must have come down the hall, forcing him to get out onto the ledge so he wouldn't get caught. Our drill Sgt looked at the guy for a minute and then yelled really sarcastically, "Don't do it private, you have lots to live for." Then they put him on suicide watch and made him hand over his belts and tie and shoelaces and everything that he could hang himself with and made him drag his newly bare mattress out into the hallway next to the fire guard desk and sleep out there every night until we graduated 4 weeks later. And they made his battle buddy sleep on the floor next to him for the first week.


13/22 Seen a guy on a full body waiver for exercises. The instructor gave him 1000 smiley - frownies... (smile then frown is 1). The hardest/easiest exercise ever.


14/22 I wrote a bad check while stationed in Korea. $2.06 over the limit. My punishment? To cut the parade field grass with scissors by morning.


15/22 In the Marine Corps when we really f*cked up we would go "fishing". It is where you squat down like your sitting in a chair and hold a shovel out in front of you in the air like a fishing pole. Then you just sit there for a long time and if the shovel would start to droop down my sergeant would grab the tip of the shovel and start to shake it and make me pretend I was reeling in the big one. One time me and a buddy got in trouble together so they made him fish and me flop around on the deck like a fish he had already caught for almost an hour.


16/22 When someone got caught going the wrong way or cutting in the chow line in osut the drill sgts would make them wander about the dfac at random repeating "Beep beep! Wrong way!" It was totally quiet otherwise, and they seemed like broken robots.


17/22 On the final FTX of a basic I was teaching a few years ago, one of less brilliant troops decided to take his laptop (which he'd smuggled into the field for this exact purpose) with him into a blue rocket portapotty so he could jerk off to obnoxiously loud Asian porn. The idiot left his C9 on the wrong side of the door, though, and forgot it there when he came out. One of my jacks junior NCOs found it and brought it back to the CP, and I natrually brought buddy in to explain himself.

The smartass troopaloop decided it'd be clever to explain to us exactly what he'd been doing (not that there'd been any doubt) in the hopes that we'd be too embarrassed to do anything about it. I drew up an access list and made him stand watch on the blue rocket tactical shitter for the next eight hours with explicit instructions not to let anyone in until they signed a visitor's log; we all had fun watching the brigade sergeant major tell him to "Get the f*ck out of my way before I shit in your hat".


18/22 Having to apply suntan lotion to a shit ton of large rocks so they "don't get sunburned". Then, having to flip every rock and reapply as needed.


19/22 My grandfather was part of the Russian Navy. Some guy in his crew broke valuable equipment, so they gave him a sleeping pill secretly and dropped a him in a rowboat while he was sleeping, sending him out into the Black Sea. After scaring the shit out of him, they went back and grabbed him. He never broke anything again.


20/22 USMC boot, one kid on firewatch failed to notice the DI coming on deck (which means you immediately salute and report your post), so the DI ran up to the rifle rack, smacked it, and yelled "BAM! You're dead." He tried to respond - but was cut off by the DI: "You're a ghost now, you can't talk. Go act like a ghost."

Then the kid had to wander around the squadbay for the rest of his 2 hour firewatch acting like a ghost, and he took that responsibilty with a stride. Plenty of ridiculous "oooOOOOOoOOOOo i'm a ghooOOooost" noises and f*cking with people's racks. We were all laughing our asses off for the next hour till our senior got pissed.


21/22 A recruit in USMC boot camp thought he was special because he was an eagle scout. The drill Instructor picked up on this and during pt took him into the woods and made him build a nest. Then he had to squat over it in order to keep his eggs warm.


22/22 Officers can't punish soldiers with any punishment that doesn't follow guide lines.... that said they can be ordered some stupid things. My friend got ordered to move a box weighing about 50lbs from the barraks to the shower every 2 minutes for 2 hours. The officers reason for it was because he didn't know where to put it and was trying to decide if it should be at the barracks or the shower. In the end he ended up telling him to load it up in the truck.



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