22 Las Vegas Casino & Hotel Employees Share The Most Ridiculous Thing They've Ever Seen In Vegas.


Las Vegas casino and hotel workers of Reddit were asked: "What is the craziest thing you've ever experienced in your career?" These are some of the best answers.

1/22 I worked at a party pool last summer and after a day of high heat and much too much alcohol, my guest decided to pot a squat and sh*t in the back of the cabana he had rented. That was a fun day.


2/22 The story involves a prostitute going up to the room of a guest she propositioned in the casino. She apparently convinced this brainiac to take a shower before doing anything and proceeds to steal his wallet and watch and run out the door. He hears the door and chases after. Butt nekkid. We now have a 5'4" asian man naked chasing a hooker down our hallways. They both manage to get to an elevator at the same time, full of other guests, and the guy starts beating the girl right there in front of the horrified guests until the elevator hits ground level and security can intervene.


3/22 Quite a few people met someone and decided to get married the same night, while totally drunk, not realizing that a Vegas marriage is an actual legally binding marriage. One morning I had a guy ask me if I knew a good annulment lawyer, because he married a girl from another country that was out for a green card and now she refused to have a divorce.


4/22 A guy did some meth, started playing music obnoxiously loudly and when told to stop started yelling anti-Semitic slurs at the manager. Refused to leave so we called the cops and he had a warrant out for his arrest.


5/22 A 70-year old man who used to run a strip club started pimping out some of the female guests to the male guests. He would find ladies who wanted some extra cash and match them up with male guests who didn't want to have to go out on the street for a hookup for hire. At one point the old man said I could have a free ride in return for not telling my boss. I didn't take up his offer and I told my boss...


6/22 Someone who was in an auto accident after driving while high freaked out that they had killed someone and committed suicide on the sidewalk near our building. I was the only one who knew how to record surveillance video onto a CD for the cops, so I had to watch it. When I showed it to one of the Vegas cops and said I burned a CD for them, the cop simply said, "Cool, thanks!" Later I was talking with a stripper who worked nearby who brought up the suicide and said she was pissed because the cops blocked the driveway for the strip club and it totally ruined her Saturday night profits. It was one of the most Vegas conversations I've ever had.


7/22 I was working as a security guard a Louis Vuitton in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. One day this nice old lady comes up and she's eating a cheeseburger, so I kindly tell her that there's no food allowed in the store. She smiled at me and said "No worries." She proceeded to finish her cheeseburger in front of the store and chatting with these two huge dude in leather jackets she was hanging out with. The Louis Vuitton manager at that point runs over to me and whispers to me. "WHY DID YOU NOT LET HER IN???" I told her I'm just following store policy, and the lady didn't get mad or anything so I wasn't sure what the big deal was. "That's Celine Dion!"

I looked at her. She had no makeup and was dressed like one of us commoners but sure enough it was Celine Dion, the two big dudes were her body guards. She's a headliner at the Caesars and was on a shopping break. She proceeded to enter the store, randomly grab just about everything that tickled her fancy and spent $200,000 in matter of 15 minutes.


8/22 I worked at a club in Vegas where some guy, high out of his mind, climbed up the fire escape on the side of the building, over the barriers, and then onto the roof that covers the valet area, you know, where taxi cabs and limos pull up to drop people off. When the bouncers and valet guys shouted at him to come down, he decided that instead of going back the stupid way he came, he would just... Climb down the fluorescent lightbulbs on the side. Which shattered under his weight, sending him down into the street, cracking open his skull on the pavement. He did NOT die, thank goodness, but his wife screamed about suing the club, we're gonna be in big trouble for this, because her husband is NYPD. Amazing.


9/22 Patrolling pool at night, suddenly a bed crashes into pool along with the room tv.


10/22 Woman calls down requesting security to help her remove unwanted guests. Apparently she had been very drunk the night before, and brought two men to her room. They both spoke German and did not understand why she wanted them to leave. When the hotel manager asked if she wanted to press charges she told him everything was consensual, but that she had woken up with a dick in her butt and didn't want it there anymore.


11/22 The craziest thing I saw while working here was a guy proceed to get sh*t faced drunk and start demanding more drinks while screaming at the top of his lungs at this poor cocktail waitress. Eventually security showed up and he proceeded to pull out his dick and pee all over a blackjack table destroying numerous chips and the table. Security ended up tackling him into the middle of the pit while he was peeing and he knocked over multiple tables while his piss stream as still going so there was literally piss everywhere at this point, needless to say he was banned for life and spent some time in jail over this.


12/22 Plus size stripper in a panda costume. She took off everything except the head. Weirdest thing ever.


13/22 I worked at a casino that opened a few years ago and I remember during orientation they were talking about "We're different than other casinos, our windows open." By the time I left a year ago, security confirmed 4 suicides from room balconies. Open patios/windows aren't a good idea for people with a gambling addiction.


14/22 We have a bit of a chillax/lounging room on the second floor. TVs, bean bags, gaming consoles and stuff like that. More aimed towards the teenagers. We also have a large pool table right in the centre of it. One late night, we had to forcibly remove a guy for his behaviour. Blind drunk, naked and laying on top of the pool table, throwing the pool balls (dunno what they're called, sorry) and trying to shove his dick in the holes. Good fun.


15/22 I'm a student here and working the casinos at night to pay for college. The weirdest sh*t would be the sex. People get really freaky here. The list that I've seen has been in the pool. In the bathroom. Hands under tables. In the elevator. Corners/shrubs. In the valet parking lot.

The best though I only heard about it was a couple did it right outside the door to they're room. Apparently couldn't make it all the way in the drunk stupor.


16/22 These two guys asked for so many limes. I have no clue why, they don't grow in the dessert. Anyways, their room was trashed beyond imagination and there was even lime remains in the bath tub.


17/22 My first day working at a hotel, I was walking my some housekeeping workers pushing a large cart filled with bed sheets. There was a thud. I looked at the floor next to the cart and I saw a big pink dildo. It had slipped out of the pile of used bedsheets the housekeeping staff was taking to the laundry truck. It was silent for a moment while the housekeepers and I looked at it. The two male housekeepers then proceeded to kick the dildo back and forth like a soccer ball, laughing their heads off.


18/22 One old lady kept coming in and peeing on the bar stools. She was banned but it didn't stop her.


19/22 The roof was leaking during a bad pipe burst. The floor in front of my was a slippery marble-like material. So: Slick floor + water = disaster for tourists who aren't paying attention. I was not allowed to leave my post, and I was too far to tell people to look out. I called maintenance to put some signs/cones/towels down. In the time it took for maintenance to come down, I saw several people slip and fall. 3... 2... 1... *WHEOOOP! One after the other. One guy was looking at his phone, slipped, landed on his **, and then just sat there looking around. I assume he was looking around for hotel staff to come running and he could demand they comp his stay or something. He stayed there for a few minutes, and when nobody came, got up and left. Another lady came by with a few starbucks coffees (the casino starbucks was right there). 3... 2... 1... *GAAAHOOO! Now there was a lady on her a**, and coffee everywhere.

A few months later, I had to make a written statement about that particular lady's fall. I can only assume she sued (and most likely won).


20/22 I saw a girl coming from the pool being propped up by her friends. She was laughing real loud and looked like she was sh*t-faced drunk. She made it 50 feet through the casino where suddenly her laughter turned to crying. Her crying then became loud sobbing. After about another 20 feet of walking and sobbing, she laid down on the floor in the middle of the casino. Moments later, security arrived with a wheelchair and whisked her off somewhere.


21/22 Police come with warrant for room, end up ramming the door down and finding a meth lab (this is more common than you'd think).


22/22 One woman shows up in town with her 5 year old son, and breastfeeds him publicly in the front desk area. Because of the age of the child, people are freaking out, so she is asked to nurse privately. She then tells our casino she will sue us.

Now, all the lawyers on the strip are friends (even with lawyers in the competing casinos, because they are trying to keep this place together). After this incident, we notify all the other attorneys on the strip, because people like this have a habit of hopping from casino to casino with the same con. Sure enough, about 30 minutes after we send out the warning, we hear she is hitting another casino with the same crap, pulls out her boobs and threatens to sue. She leaves that one and tries to enter a third, but security wouldnt even let her in, as a description of her and her con was already out.



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