Graduation is so close but before you leave, show 'em who's boss.

High school graduates on Reddit were asked: "What was your senior prank?" These are some of the best answers.

1/22 Our whole class gathered into a circle in the front of the school and pretended that two kids were fighting in the middle (screaming, video recording, etc.). Eventually the school's police officer and some teachers pushed everyone away to find two kids playing a game of chess.


2/22 A kid in our Facebook group suggested everyone bring in 2 watermelons, so there would be like 700 water melons lying around the school. As a result, everyone and I mean everyone in our grade brought in 2+ watermelons, so our school was covered with watermelons. Also, our vice principal, who is black, thought that the prank was racist and hateful against him and asked every black kid in the school if the prank was racist.


3/22 I had a physics teacher who I really liked, but wasn't a really good teacher. Most days, he would fill up an erasable board full of notes, wait for us to write them down, then erase it, write another board full of notes, wash, rinse, repeat. This was during the very early days of erasable boards being in schools--his was the only one in our whole district. And I got tired of writing down f-ing notes.

So one day, I peeped out the brand of marker he used. And when to the store and bought two boxes. And some permanent markers. Went home, pulled out the forceps, pully pully, stuffy stuffy, and viola: two boxes full of erasable marker bodies with permanent felts and ink. Now, to have a buddy distract the teacher before class starts, swap all the markers, and sit down and wait for the fireworks.

When he first went to erase the board, nothing happened. He kinda squinted at the board, pulled the eraser across it again. Again: nothing. (Useful to note: he hated the fumes from the markers, so he had a fan permanently aimed at the board and oscillating from the board to him, so by the time the notes had been up there 10 minutes or so, they were dry as the Gobi in a drought.) Now he knew what was up. Turned to the class, "whelp, I guess that's all the notes for today. Nice prank, whoever you are! See you tomorrow."


4/22 We combined our senior prank with our senior gift for our band director. We took his old desk chair, brought it up to the top of the 2 story watch tower that he stands on to watch us during marching rehearsals, and threw it off (filming his reaction of course). Then, when he brought us inside to yell at us, boom, there was a new chair sitting at his desk.


5/22 My senior prank got thwarted by our school principal sleeping inside the school to make sure we didn't pull anything off. Classmate literally scaled the side of the building and got in the school through a roof access hatch, only to find the principal waiting for him on a couch.

First question the principal asked the student, "How on earth did you get in here?" ..."that's not important"


6/22 We ran Bart Simpson for Student Council president. He came in second.


7/22 We all skipped class and tailgated in the Senior parking lot. We set up grills, brought snacks and drinks, someone even brought a ping pong table and we played beer pong (with soda). One of my favorite memories from that day was when a 2 of the kids who were particularly known for partying A LOT took on the president and the dean of students at pong.


8/22 We turned our building into a crime scene, with a body, fake blood, some people dressed up as cops and investigators and everything. Then later we accused our principal and arrested him in a cage on the school court for everybody to see. His only chance to get out was by his teacher winning mini games against us.


9/22 Our lunchroom had HUGE ceilings, so a few of my friends on the football team bought a bunch of inflatable sex dolls, filled them with helium and let them loose up there. Nothing like eating lunch to see a wide mouth sexy doll with a huge erection staring down at you with those dead eyes.


10/22 Hired a mariachi band to play at lunchtime and made one of the classrooms look like the Kill Room from Dexter. We did lots of other random bullshit throughout campus (like filling classrooms with balloons and pitching a tent on the roof) but those first two were the cool ones.


11/22 We all decided it would be great idea to park in complete disorganization. See all those orderly lines on the ground? Fuck those. We also locked the principal's car to one of those cinder block parking stoppers. It wound up making the morning news and he (the principal) threatened to call the towing company.

Was it the greatest prank? No. But it was 'ight.


12/22 Someone threw a pillowcase with about 20 mice onto the basketball court during half-time when the cheerleaders were performing.

This was during the middle of winter and the mice were in someone's trunk. So they threw the bag and some mice fell out, but even the ones that fell out didn't move due to being left out in the cold. The principal got to them right away and started picking them up and putting them back in the pillowcase. One of the mice that he picked up bit him and he flung his hand instinctively to get it off and he launched it against the wall. The principal had to get a rabies shot as a result.


13/22 We swapped senior classes with another local high school for the day. Their entire class was assigned one of us, and each of us were assigned one of them. It was actually a lot of fun, until the electricity blew at our original high school so they all got to go home early.


14/22 We took screwdrivers with us to school and randomly unscrewed things over the course of months -- non-essential screws so that whatever we were removing screws from was still left intact. A bucket of screws was later delivered to the principal with no context.

Only as an adult am I able to appreciate how truly annoying this must have been.


15/22 I didn't show up for like two months and they kicked me out. I showed them!


16/22 It was harmless. A bunch of kids got permission from the janitorial staff to post it note the entire senior hall. They almost got expelled.


17/22 The psych teacher, Miss F. was always pointy faced and unfair. She got mad at a few slackers and ended up making herself feel better by giving a pop quiz with the grade on it being a third of our final grade. This brought down quite a few student's GPA and much rancour ensued. So. She also had a doll that sat on her desk. Little Lord Fauntleroy was its name, it had a lacy collar and a wee little hat, short blue pants with suspenders. She introduced it the first day of class, and we all thought her eccentric.

A few days after the unfair quiz, Little Lord Fauntleroy (LLF) went missing. Miss F. was pissed. She wept, chewed us out, demanded his return. And soon after that came the ransom note. It demanded the results of the quiz be expunged for all and our grades returned to pre-quiz levels. Or LLF would get it. The next class the shit really hit the fan..she strode back in forth, crying, demanding we rat out the culprits, and refusing to give in. A few days later a doll ear was sent to her in-school mail box. Wow. She went bonkers. This was after the Getty kidnapping and ear slicing event. A note came with the ear repeating the demand. More angry tears. I felt bad for her, but it was also gleeful..she had never been fair and she had openly mocked me as I was clumsy at drawing a pencil through a maze while looking in a mirror. Graduation was fast approaching . The last note enclosed a photo of LLF with a black hood on his head, and a noose around his neck. Miss F. caved. He showed up on her desk the next day, both ears on...they must have sliced another doll's ear. We got our grades back, she had her doll. She retired not many years after that. It remains a mystery who kidnapped LLF, but I take my hat off to who ever it was.


18/22 At graduation about 10-15 of us each had our own tubes of glitter and at the end when they say, we give you the class of 2012 or whatever instead of the graduation caps we threw the glitter in the air. The principal was not impressed.


19/22 We listed our school on Craigslist and our principal got calls all day for the property.


20/22 Among our senior prank day antics, my group put rubber ducks in every toilet. Should have been small, but after skipping school to watch the premiere of the newest Marvel movie we later heard one of the boys from the middle school section actually tried to flush it. The water streamed down the hall and went around two corners before reaching the door of the nearest classroom. So yeah, accidental water damage.


21/22 We planned to throw water balloons in the morning as everyone walked in, but the dean threatened to hold diplomas so people just sat on the ground. It was pretty lame. Then some jackass threw a balloon full of mayonnaise at a school bus and obliterated the windshield and got arrested.


22/22 Well, the shop class kids tried to take a car apart and put it back together in the hallway. They broke into the school early in the morning, and took apart the wheels and engine, but then they lost track of time, and everyone came in to an engine laying in the middle of the commons, and the poor kid whose car they tried taking apart had to walk home.



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