Let's face it our dogs rule the household. But what if those same rules applied to all citizens on planet Earth? Here are some of the laws that would definitely come into effect if dogs ruled the world.

1/22. Filing a missing persons claim 5 minutes after they've been missing is now the norm.


2/22. If you stare at a food item long enough with hopeful, pleading eyes, it will literally jump into your mouth.


3/22. Vacuum cleaners will be outlawed real quick.


4/. All team sports no longer have structure or rules. They're all just a games of keep away now.


5/. I peed on this; now it is mine.


6/. Shouting at the postman for delivering mail as well a unanimous hatred of the postman.



7/. Warning others in the house of the dangers of a kitchen chair at 2 am.


8/. You must rotate completely several times before you can lay down own your bed.


9/. Towels are now not necessary after bathing. Instead, you must run batsh*t crazy around the house and rub on everything until dry.


10/. If you like someone, you must lick their face profusely. Also, butt shaking is now an accepted way to convey delight.


11/. Restaurants now serve: Sticks, Grass clumps, Dirt clods, Rocks, Flip-flops, All your important papers and documents.



12/22. If there is a car door open, you MUST run to it and jump in.


13/22. Sniffing random stranger's butts as you meet them.


14/22. All social and business events start 15 minutes earlier to allow for general excitement upon arrival.


15/. Walking WHILE sh*tting.


16/. Wearing the "cone of shame" after a medical operation.



17/. Instead of shaking hands, aggressively sniff butts and take turns playing keep away with folders of paperwork.




19/. It would be completely normal to stand at your front door and wait for your family members to come home. When they do, you absolutely lose your sh*t!


20/. He who found the sandwich, owns the sandwich.


21/. If you throw something, it's mine - though I might decide to let you have it back if you're nice.


22/. Eating your own poop, and actually enjoying it.


Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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