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1/15. I had a summer job cleaning hotel rooms. One day a coworker told me she walked into her first room and the first thing she saw, neatly arranged on the desk, were 3 dildos, a note saying please wash and about $2. She didnt.


2/15. I was a hotel maid when I was a teenager and one situation that stood out was this creepy old man who would hit on me and my friend. Every time we would clean his room, the top drawer of his dresser would be open with what seemed to be a strategically placed unused condom that legit was like from the 1970s. I guess he never got to use it.


3/15. I work at a hotel but not a maid myself. Though one day a maid found a woman who committed suicide. She checked in so her family would not be forced to find the body. It was the middle of the day and the hotel was mostly clear of people. Nobody heard the gun shot and we have concrete floors that stopped the bullet from traveling out of the room.

The way it was described to me was it was relatively clean. She laid in bed, put a pillow on her head and shot through it towards the ground. It wasnt until the cops came that blood got everywhere. The maid soon quit afterwards.


4/15. I worked as a housekeeper in a small motel for maybe 2 months. One day we had to clean a room covered completely in paper towels. Everything was covered. The bed, the chairs, the floor. Not horrific, but weird. This next one is why I hated my job, and was happy to have gotten fired. We had to clean a room covered in sh*t. Human poo. On the bed, on the towels. Every where but the toilet. The towels were twisted, and covered like they had been shoved up someone's rectum. And to top it all off, when I asked about being able to use gloves, I was told no. Just grab the sh*t-covered stuff by the edges where they were sh*t free. I hated that place.


5/15. My grandma used to clean hotel rooms and I used to go with her because its a laid back job and nobody else could watch me. My grandma was cleaning and I was sitting on the counter playing my DS. I wanted to get a drink so checked to see if there was ice in the freezer. There was no ice, but there was a popsicle box! I got so excited. I ran into the bathroom and asked my grandmother if I could have a popsicle. Assuming they were in plastic wrap, she said yes. I ran back to the freezer and reached into the cardboard box and pulled out a long, purple dildo covered in human feces. I was 7 years old.


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6/15. We had a lady who cleaned hotels tell us about the time she walked in and there were 10 severed heads in the bathtub with the hotel water running. Immediately left the room and had the manager call the police. Tons of police come to investigate with multiple guys with ear pieces in place. The gentleman who's room it was came back and was immediately taken down. Turns out he was in charge of an ENT cadaver lab being held the next morning and needed to thaw the specimens. Tough to explain but it got sorted out once the heads were all accounted for.


7/15. I cleaned villas for a few months in my late teens. They were pretty pricey, starting at $350 with most being around $600. People were generally pretty good but maybe 1 in 5 left it pretty bad. But the most memorable stay was the busload of business people.

They turned up in a mini bus...maybe a dozen? Men and women, all in suits and looking very sensible. Us cleaners are happy, business folk usually didn't leave much of a mess or cause trouble and they had booked 3 of the 10 buildings. We went up the next morning, after they had left, to absolute chaos. The first two buildings had 2 wheelie bins of trash. Takeaway boxes (for a place not in town), personal hygiene products packaging, wine boxes, empty shopping bags, junk food wrappers etc. I was on bathrooms, and I nearly cried walking in the drains, scum 6ft up the walls, mud everywhere, spilt shampoo, soap trodden into the drain. It took much longer than it should have.

Finally we finished up those two and were ready to start on the third. It was much bigger, having a large entertainment area. The first thing we noticed was the smell. Perfume, alcohol and really really strong cigars. We left the door open, and took a smoke break.

The head cleaner went in first after our break and you could hear her swear..."oh sh*t, look what they've done. What the hell?!" First, leading from the door was big drops of red wax on the wooden floor. Then lots of (beer?) bottles. Some were broken. Then more rubbish and a lot more wax. It was on the suede lounges, the kitchen benches, the bathroom basin. There were broken wine glasses in one spot, some with lipstick on them and one with blood. Blood drops from there to the sink. More bottles...dozens and dozens of drinks worth. Little piles of ash on the counters. Burn marks on the floor and lounges. It took us all day, even with extra staff, to clean. Then we had to close the larger building for several days while the smell cleared and we got replacements.

The group was contacted about the damage and told they would be charged for all the damage. They didn't care. Apparently asked how much and just said ok.


8/15. Ex-maid for a super 8 in a town in rural Nevada. I found all kinds of weird stuff but the thing that takes the cake was the entire toenail of someone's big toe. Found it in the bathtub.


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9/15. My Mom was a hotel maid and I worked with her during the summers. I remember one day she was done early with her rooms so she came to help me finish up so we could go home. Its always the last freaking room that takes the price. We walked into the room and were automatically hit with the stench of sh*t and vomit. The people staying there were a family of 4, in a suite, and were put up because their apartment had flooded or something. Apparently they had refused cleaning for the last week and now we knew why. The bathtub was filled with garbage, one of the walls was smeared with sh*t. Their 2 year old kid had apparently smeared his own feces onto the wall and they just left it like that and it had dried up. There was a corner with a mountain of diapers. The older kid had gotten sick (probably from living in that filth) and had thrown up everywhere, and I mean everywhere. My mom and I refused to clean the room, we asked the manager to come and see.

It was so disgusting the family got kicked out of the hotel and we had to call a cleaning company to get the dry feces out of the wall. Child protective services also came and asked us questions.


10/15. My brother is a janitor for Holiday Inn and was once called to fix something in a guest's room while they were out. He opened the door and found what appeared to be three newborn children in the bed. Turns out the old couple liked Reborn dolls so much they took them on holiday and had added "breathing" mechanisms to them so the chests would rise and fall like a real baby


11/15. I got a job at a local hotel cleaning the rooms the summer before university. One morning I got in early so it was just me and the front desk staff. I started setting up my trolly then thought it would be a good idea to go look at the rooms that had been checked out first so I didn't get any nasty surprises. As I was walking down a corridor a man in just his boxers stumbled out of his room in an absolute state. He was crying and could hardly breath. He was in such a panic it was scary. He ran at me sobbing "he's dead!, he's dead!".

The rest is a bit of a blur but I decided to just run and get the front desk staff/call 999/not go in the room. The noise alerted some other guests who did go in the room. They also made calls to 999. I did a lot of running about getting information from a man who had gone in the room and a woman who was comforting the crying man.

The ambulance and the police were there in minutes and I spoke to the police for quite a while. It turned out the men in the room were young and had been to a local festival. One of them was a wheelchair user so they stayed at an accessible hotel (mine). I think they both took some drugs (don't know what) or a huge amount of alcohol the night before and the man in the wheelchair choked on his vomit in the night. His friend slept through it. They were both young, early twenties. It was unbelievably sad but it wasn't written about in the newspapers so I don't know about the details.


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12/15. Worked as a cleaner for a cheap, ratty motel in Daytona Beach when I was 17. As part of my pay, I got a free room, because I had nowhere else to be anyway. The guy two doors down from me nearly never came outside, but there was a horrible stench coming from his room. He never let anyone clean it, the owner told me he usually called her to pass his payments in an envelope under the door and she never bothered to question it. This noxious, nasty smell was so thick with ammonia/death-breath that I just assumed he was a speed cook and eventually the whole sh*t hole would be blown up without any of us even realizing it before we were all incinerated...

Sure enough, one day, the old boss is banging on all the doors (her husband calling all the phonesthis was pre-cell phone times), telling us all to get out because there's a fire. I'm standing outside with the rest of the residents as we see haz-mat pulling up and we're all expecting some wild n' crazy Florida Man meth-head action or something. But instead of speed, they started charging through the smoke and bringing out tons and tons of cats. Just tons of them. It turns out it wasn't a very intense fire, but the dude was a filthy hoarder who'd stayed at the hotel for over 10 years, and he had loads of cats. He'd started a fire with the coffee maker or a cig or something and managed to get out with a few cats.


13/15. I used to work at a hotel as a housekeeper. The rule was when you finished all of your rooms you had to go help the other housekeepers (cause they like to go slow to get more hours and we just can't allow that). Anyways. So I wander up to the second floor down at the far end. The room hadn't been stripped yet (the bedding and trash is still in there) and I thought that was odd because normally we have all of the rooms stripped by noon and it was 3pm.

Well. I open the door and this overwhelming stench of sh*t just slams into my face.

I pull my shirt collar up over my nose. It can't be that bad, they probably just didn't flush, right? I press on into the bathroom, eyes beginning to water, my throat having dry involuntary seizures. I force my poor eyes open. NOTHING. The bathroom is spotless. Oh God! Where is it?! The panic sets in. I must go further into the darkness. I must cross the hotel room and open the window. As light illuminates the room, I can finally see what the sh*t demon has done. Do you remember the scene from Dogma, where the sh*t demon comes out of the toilet? I think he left there and checked right on in to my hotel. Crap was smeared all over the white duvets and sheets on both beds- this dude had literally defecated in the bed, switched beds, and defecated that one too! He left a trail of sickly brown matter across the carpet, decorated with tiny surprise excrement nuggets just for me. I noped. I told front desk that I absolutely refused to clean that room and of they wanted to write me up/fire me I would be fine with that.


14/15. I worked as housekeeping in a hotel for a few months when I was 18. The normal nasty things you tend to see is completely trashed bathrooms. One room which was occupied by construction workers constantly had a clogged toilet. After the 2nd time of dealing with it, I ignored it. I've also had a woman somehow catch the bed on fire while I was cleaning her bathroom.

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We didn't have any way to communicate to other associates so I had to run down from the 3rd floor to the first to get the manager. The absolute worst thing I've had to deal with was when I kept turning down the offers of sex to the room of 2 military men. They got super offended that I wasn't interested and went so far as to trash the room. Took boxes of cheez-its and crushed them all over the floor. So many wasted cheez-its smashed into the carpet, Beer cans thrown everywhere, trash stuffed between the mattresses, rolls of toilet paper shoved in the toilet, poop on the walls. It was ridiculous.


15/15. Ex hotel housekeeper here who is ready to tell the story of why I quit. It was a regular day with a slightly smaller than average schedule of rooms for the day so I was in a good mood. I had 12 rooms that day. Normally I'd have 14-16.

So I get to my last room, excited to be close to finishing for the day and I open the door only to be greeted by a grotesque display of everything that is considered repulsive and dangerous to touch. There were... let's see if I remember this right... used condoms filled with semen on the bed accompanied by stains which may or may not have been semen. There was blood all throughout the room. Too much blood for there to have not been a murder. Like... Jigsaw played a game in the room.

There were used needles, crack pipes, other random drug things... empty pill bottles, broken and unbroken liquor bottles, cigarette butts along with ashes and burn marks, plus tons of trash... Then the bathroom. There was urine everywhere. More blood. Vomit in the tub, in and around the toilet and... here's the good part... ceiling. There was vomit on the ceiling. I noped out of the room and called the front desk and asked them to call the police. The cops came to investigate the blood and drug use in the room and probably the people who had rented it and checked out. I left for the day.

So the next day rolls around and I look at my sheet and see that same room. Confused, I go up to the third floor and I see the room in the same condition minus the drug stuff. Condoms, vomit, blood, bottles, cigarettes, trash, all still there.

I call the manager and tell them I'm not doing it. It's a job for a biohazard team. They tell me, "Just get what you can. Wipe everything you can off the surfaces. We'll have a fabric cleaner come in for the rest." Nope. I quit. I dealt with small amounts of bodily fluids on a daily basis and I was fine with it, but that was WAY too much to ask of a 17 year old kid on minimum wage.



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