TV Shows about undercover cops/workers can't do the real thing justice.

Below are 15 incredible stories of what undercover workers have REALLY seen on the job. Check them out!

1/15) I am a private investigator, contracted by Government to check massage shops to see if they're soliciting. I usually get sent to shops which have had multiple complaints and an investigation is in its final stages and they need evidence to support their case.

So, I go to one place, everything seems normal except for being asked to strip bare for an oil massage. Eventually I am asked to flip over, therapist without asking just starts rubbing some "gel" on my 'parts'. At this point, I am obligated to refuse and finish the session. I ask her to stop but halfway through the sentence I am hit with the most intense pain. Turns out, she was new and was unaware that alcohol gel is not the same as massage oil.

Long story short, manager was convicted of coercing staff on the basis of their visas being revoked if they didn't comply. And I had to stand in court and tell the events of that day.


2/15) Former Loss Prevention here (best job ever by the way) Witnessed so much sex in the stockrooms, couples, singles, trios, you name it. We had cameras everywhere of course, especially in the stockrooms due to rampant employee theft. We had countless hours of employee sex on tape. We couldn't reveal the cameras, which would tip off the thieves, so all we could do was watch.


3/15) Worked as a "ghost passenger" for an airline; basically I flew around and graded flight attendant's performance.

While still parked at the gate with the door open one flight attendant began berating passengers who were using their smart phones (which was completely permitted at the gate). She threatened to have the person in front of me thrown off the plane if she didn't put hers away. She also threatened me. After we left the gate and were taxiing to the runway I looked back to see her sitting in her jump seat....using her phone. Took a photo of it and included that in my report.

She initially denied using the phone and claimed I was being unruly on the aircraft. After she saw the photo she changed her tune.


4/15) Helped manufacture methicathinone so that I could get arrested with the suspect's and spend time in the cells to discover how the drugs were being brought into the prisons. Was recruited due to my work circumstances, age and environment; had to change "states" when I was finished with the deal.


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5/15) I worked as a secret shopper for a while for a small store. The most egregious thing I found were employees would hide inventory if they knew a sale was coming up. I'd also go in and ask questions about what equipment I should use just to test their general knowledge. Most failed but they were young kids getting paid awful so I felt bad squealing on them.

I also forgot to add that I had to put up with being hit on by teenagers and creepy older guys. I had to play along and see if they knew their stuff despite throwing terrible game.


6/15) I worked as a HIPAA inspector for a bit. Sh*t is scary. I'd go in and say I was looking for my mom that they called me she was in an accident. (I was early 20's). Pretty much every place I went gave me all kinds of protected info on the patient [the company would have placed fake records in the computer].

One smaller urgent care place was like "hm, no one with that name- here's our sign in log for the week, take a look!" with last names, first names and "reason for visit." Yikes.


7/15) I do Social Engineering for financial institutions (Banks, Credit Unions etc). I went to a credit union in Texas where the entire place failed on a miserable basis for security.

I walked in with a fake badge that stated I worked for a made up company and I was there to an inspection of the building. I dressed in a polo and khaki pants with matching colors to my badge and walked in to the front desk. The girl there was probably in college or just out of school. She immediately let me into the back room and I walked into offices and desks that were unoccupied but located in rooms with other employee's.

I walked up to empty computers in use and plugged USB drives in, huge no no, and began typing random things into computers and taking pictures of myself at the computers. Employee's would literally look at my and go back to their jobs without thinking anything of a guy taking selfies at their friends work desk. Once I had been in every office I went to the Vice Presidents office and opened her desk and looked through files to find personal peoples information, found tons. I went into the file room and took personal loan documents off the shelf and took pictures of myself accessing them.

When I was done I walked to the person who had contracted my company and laid out all the information I had found and all the things I had done and the guy just sighed. This scenario has happened a couple of different times, most places fail somehow. Sometimes its fun and interesting, sometimes its boring and there's nothing worth staying.


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8/15) I used to investigate insurance fraud.

The one thing I saw that made me the maddest was when I was working in the run down area near the Philly zoo and saw a strung out mother walking with her toddler and jerking his arm and screaming at him for not keeping up with her quick walking pace. The kid was not even two years old. I really wanted to get out of the car...

The funniest one was where I had to go undercover in a bar to investigate this one person. You ever see the Stallone movie Over the Top? Yeah, that's pretty much what this guy ended up doing right on the bar, right in front of my hidden camera, and looking direct into my camera lens. It was awesome. The armwrestling match went on for minutes and this by a guy "too hurt to work".

At times it was very entertaining to work undercover...


9/15) I worked for an Armored car service for a while as a under cover guard. When a place had a lot of money or if it was a risky area two plain clothes guards would arrive before the truck. I would scout the place and outside to make sure the uniform guys could get in and out safe. We wore a color of the day and the local cops knew who we were as did the uniformed guards. It was a pretty easy job and I only once waved off a pickup because of a bunch of Latin kings sitting on benches out front.

I hung out a while to see what was going on and hoping they would leave so we could make the pickup. As I sat on a bus bench across the road I watched one of the guys take out his needle point. I never would think that a gang member would tote his needle point to a stick up job.


10/15) When I worked QA for a video game publisher, they had me work an E3 as a secret player, basically I got to play new games for that publisher and act like they were amazing in front of press.

While I was taking a break I saw one of the producers hooking up with a booth babe. he didn't recognize me, but I new he was married and had a kid on the way, I didn't say anything, he got laid off when the rest of us did about a year later. but that's just kinda how E3 goes.


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11/15) I once took my vehicle ton an independent shop for routine maintenance. I said I was dropping it off for as long as it might take as I was "going to take a long trip the following month." I sat across the street in a diner eating soup and drinking coffee. I got a call that my vehicle needed about $4500 worth of work an hour and a half later.

It never left the parking spot.

I told them I didn't want anything done, they said it was half apart already. I am an assistant service manager at a dealership. That Firestone was turned into a parking lot.


12/15) I used to training at a call center. I always included being aware of social engineering attempts in my role plays. Management like this so much they started having me do this as a secret caller. I hate to say but I got a lot more people than I should have. Even started doing it ad hoc for other divisions when word got round. Wost was an agent that I'm not sure if she really just didn't care or was just so overly helpful she didn't think twice, but man I could have stolen 3 or 4 people identities if I was actually running a scam.


13/15) Was secret shopping at a high end restaurant, around $100 per plate.

The busser came over and re-filled my water glass (that I had already drank out of) and over filled it, so he poured part back in the pitcher from my glass and proceeded to re-fill everyone else at the table from the same pitcher.

I really wanted to throw a fit, but could only include it in my report.


14/15) I'm a TV Producer. I was working on a popular documentary a while ago. We were following a woman who was addicted to heroin and had resorted to prostitution in order to make money to support her habits. One day, a friend of hers got thrown into jail. She decided she needed to work really hard to bail them out. So she called her friend who owned a crack-house that he let girls like her turn tricks in at about $10 a pop.

I witnessed this girl share needles with many people and watched as john after john came into the house and disappeared into the bedroom with her for a little bit.


15/15) Worked as a private investigator for a while, mostly did work comp cases. Seen some shiftyness, drug deals, etc

Worst thing - was conducting surveillance on a person at an apartment complex. Get there before light to set up my rig. Little bit before sunrise, this couple, 50's, in a truck pull up in front of my position. Guy's pulling a trailer, gets out, rummage through dumpster for metal and stuff.

Then the woman with him...

Gets out and between my vehicle and said dumpster proceeds to pop a squat and sh*t on the ground.

Way to start my morning guys - thanks!



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