14 Of The Absolute Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries Ever.

Whether it's unsolved murders, disappearances, or just plain weird phenomenons, mysteries always pique our interest.

Here are 14 of the creepiest unsolved mysteries as told by fans of reddit. Check them out!

1/14) Elisa Lam. She was a student staying at a hotel in California. The hotel's security camera footage caught her standing in an elevator that appears to be malfunctioning, and she looks as if she's hiding from someone. Two weeks later, she was found in the hotel rooftop's water tank.

There's some evidence that she killed herself- she was bipolar and her body had no evidence of physical trauma. On the other hand, she was found in the water tank with the lid closed and propped up by concrete blocks. Her phone was also nowhere to be found after her death.

I'm also however hesitant about writing off her death as due to mental illness, as mentally ill people are so likely to be victims of violence, and some can be perfect victims, as their deaths can be made to look accidental. One explanation I've heard that I think is plausible is someone taking advantage of her mental state.

As a bonus creepy fact, her body was not discovered until the hotel's guests began complaining that the water tasted weird and was black.

2/14) Harold Holt, the Australian Prime Minister who went out swimming, disappeared, and was never seen again.


3/14) Who the Zodiac Killer was. Serial killers fascinate me, and he's probably my favorite. Taunting the police and media, the cryptic codes, the costume he only wore the one time, making sure he could prove he was the one responsible for at least a couple of them, all of it.


4/14) "The creepy case of the letters."

Circleville is a small city in Ohio that has a population of over 13,000. Its biggest event is the annual Circleville Pumpkin Show. It is also the home of a mysterious letter writer known as the Circleville Letter Writer.

Starting in 1976 residents of Circleville began receiving mysterious, vindictive letters. Thousands of letters, written in block letters were sent to city officials and even normal citizens. One recipient of the letters was school bus driver Mary Gillespie. She received letters accusing her of having an extra-martial affair with a school official. On August 19, 1977 Marys husband Ron Gillispie received a phone call seeming to indicate the identity of the writer. He left his house with his gun to confront the writer. He was found dead a short distance from his house. His car was driven off the road and his gun had been fired once. He died as a result of the crash and it is unknown why he fired the gun. It is unclear if it was an accident or murder. Later, while driving her bus, Mary saw signs along her route harassing her. She went to take one down and discovered a booby-trap meant to fire a gun at her. The gun belonged to her former brother-in-law Paul Freshour.

Freshour was convicted of attempted murder and was thought to be the Circleville writer. However, while incarcerated the letters continued despite him being in solitary confinement without access to letter writing material and his mail being monitored. He was denied parole because of the letters and received one himself after his parole was denied.


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5/14) In 1970, a group of hikers came across the corpse of a woman in the middle of Isdalen Valley in Norway. Around her were bottles of liquor, sleeping pills and nearly incinerated passports. Additionally, her fingerprints were sanded off. She was later linked to some suitcases found at a train station, but the labels in her clothes had all been removed. They also found a diary with coded entries. Later investigation revealed that she had traveled throughout Europe under false names, spoke multiple languages and switched hotels frequently. Her identity has never been discovered, but the most common theory is that the Isdal Woman, as she's come to be known for, was a spy of some sort.


6/14) What the hell actually happened to Madeleine McCann, a little girl who went missing whilst on holiday in Portugal years and years ago. Her parents went to dinner and left the kids in the room, and when they came back, she was gone. Either her parents are covering something up (many theories) or she was abducted from her room. I just want to know what actually happened.


7/14) I grew up in a small town named Chesterville on the outskirts of Ottawa. Back in 57' a lady was chopped up and found in the back yard of the house and they never found who did it. It is interesting to me because I GREW UP IN THIS DAMN HOUSE! The landlord was this murdered lady's sister or mother (Can't remember the relation).

Kids used to bike by and hide their face, like looking at the murder house was bad. I remember being around 5 years old and stuck in a swing on my swing set. The house was a little far away so my mom wasn't able to hear my cries for help. Some kids (12-15yrs old) biked by my house, heard me screaming for some help, and covered their face in fear. I find it really funny thinking back, they must have been shitting themselves.


8/14) My great uncle was a magician who was haunted by a card trick he couldn't figure out. He'd always do card tricks at parties and family gatherings, he was really good, but some people found it annoying, especially his sister in-law, my great aunt.

One Christmas he was at my grandparents house, performing, being the centre of attention, when my great aunt decided she'd had enough. She announced she knew a trick he didn't. He handed her the deck. "Watch closely cause I'm only gonna do this once". She started shuffling, holding eye contact "Tell me when to stop". After a long time he said stop, she slapped the deck down on the table "5 of hearts" and walked out the room. Everyone was watching in silence. He turned the top card over - 5 of hearts.

He was stunned, he'd been watching for slight of hand, she was wearing short sleeves, she'd never done a trick in her life. It didn't make sense. For years he brought it up constantly, mulling it over, she wouldn't discuss her trick.


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9/14) Two men (unrelated, who didn't know each other) disappeared from Naples, Florida three months apart under the exact same circumstances. Both men were last spotted being arrested by deputy Steve Calkins for driving without a license. Neither men were taken to the jail. They just disappeared. His story is that he dropped both men off at Circle K convenience stores and drove away. There isn't as much evidence to go on with Santos' disappearance, but his story was actively disputed by the available evidence when it comes to Terrance's disappearance. For instance, he had Terrance's car towed and told the tow operator that the car was abandoned. But there were witnesses who saw him pull over Terrance and arrest him. What did he do with these men???


10/14) The Voynich Manuscript. A long, detailed, and elaborate 'field guide' describing plants and animals that don't exist in a language or code nobody can crack.


11/14) The Oakville Blobs.

Basically, it started raining one day and citizens noted that the rain wasn't water, it was strange jelly blobs. It happened six times in the next three weeks, and mass sickness followed


12/14) The star dust crash and the meaning of STENDEC.

A plane flying over the andes delivered a final coded message ("STENDEC")minutes before disappearing. The plane was discovered by hikers 50 years later but the meaning of STENDEC still remains a mystery.

A theory suggests that the pilot may have been suffering from hypoxia and mis-spelt descent but the message was sent three times with the same spelling.


13/14) The Antikythera mechanism. I don't know much about it, other than it dates back to around 200BC and it's apparently a primitive computer. The mystery being how something so amazing was made in 200 BC, with nothing remotely similar being made until about 1400 AD.


14/14) This is less famous than most of the cases listed here, but Trevaline Evans always got to me. She left a note on the door of her antiques shop saying 'Back in 2 minutes', went to buy her lunch, and was never heard from again.


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