13 Retail Workers Share The Most Over The Top Threats They’ve Ever Received At Work.

These retails workers had some crazy threats launched at them as they went about their daily jobs. Read their stories below.

1. I was a manager of a clothing boutique in the mall. I got the gig through a friend who later quit, opening up his manager position for me. Anyways, it was cake. All I did was make the schedule and enter a code to approve returns. One day I'm walking the floor and this lady flags me down.

Lady: "Son, does that young man have an earring in his ear?"
Me: "Yes, he does."
Lady: "I'd like to speak to the manager."
Me: "Well, you're in luck. How can I help you?"
Lady: "I just think that's very... eh... showy-- if you catch my drift."
Me: "I'm afraid I don't, ma'am."
Lady: "If he's... queer... he should just keep that to himself. And it's your job to make sure he doesn't come to work like that."
Me: "I'm sorry it offends you. He isn't gay. He's not making a statement."
Lady:"Well if you aren't going to do anything about it, I'll just tell everyone I know that there are F*GGOTS working here."

And she left and I barreled over with laughter.

Six months later, we went out of business. I guess she knew more people than I thought.
- beefwich

2. This story happened to my friend...and there were no real threats, just hilarity...

My buddy was at a KFC in Chicago and the lady before him, alone, ordered two buckets of chicken.
The guy behind the counter asks "is this for here or to go?" and she suddenly screams "YOU THINK IMA SIT HERE AND EAT ALL THIS CHICKN BY MYSELF??" and he screams back "B*TCH I DONT KNOW YOUR LIFE."

Perfect response.
- anonymous

3. Many years ago at Starbucks, a 45ish year-old businessman approaches:

Me: "Hey, how's it going?"
Customer: "How's it going? This isn't a fucking McDonald's, okay? You will address me as sir and take my order like a f*cking professional. Do you understand me?"
Me, sarcastically: "Good day to you sir, and welcome to the Starbucks Coffee Corporation, where it is our aim to...."

At this point the guy is behind the counter and completely in my face, ready to throw down. I'm laughing, and the manager grabs him and escorts him to the door. Unlike most expelled customers, he never showed up again.
- anonymous

4. I had a lady call in and she just started SCREAMING obscenities at an associate. Telling us we're all kinds of horrible people, and she's going to SUE us, because she was in the store yesterday, and bought a pack of highlighters. Then, apparently she fell asleep "for only 10 minutes" and her DOG ATE THEM, and now he's dying.

Yup, she was going to sue the manager, because, according to her, her dog was "half brain dead" now, and "all it does is run in circles." The associate finally was able to transfer her to a manager, but she just continued yelling obscenities and threatening to sue.

So, of course, the manager countered with "first of all, that's really nothing you can sue US for, considering we didn't MAKE the product, nor did we feed it to your dog." AND SECONDLY, "if your dog is sick and/or dying, the first thing you need to do, is get him to a vet!".

The lady, of course, thought nothing of this and threatened to hire a lawyer. But FIRST, she was going to bring the dog INTO the store so we could see what WE had done to him, and so that "we could feel the guilt of our sin". And if he died first, she actually threatened to throw the dead dog at our manager.

I was so disappointed when she never showed up.
- SamuraiSmurfette

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5. In my dark and sordid past I worked at a Pizza Hut. There was this one guy who would send his teen son in to get their order. Invariably, they'd arrive early and their order would not be ready yet. The son would leave the store, and the father would come in and start yelling about how lousy we were, never having their pizza done, etc.

The same guy would get his pizza, take it home and then call later saying we had messed up his order. My manager would always tell him that if he returned with the pizza, we would remake it for him. He'd always say that they ate it anyway, etc. but he'd want free pizza instead. My manager never gave into that demand, but always told him that as long as he brought the bad pizza back, she'd make him another to replace it.

After a few of these episodes, my manager and I developed a procedure to handle his orders. On his order, we would document when he called, how long we told him it would take -and we would add at least fifteen minutes to his order time.

When he came in, we would show him his pizza and make him confirm it was correct and to his satisfaction.

Well, he stopped coming in. He would make his son pick up the pizza. We would go through the process with his son. The guy would still try to call in later and complain. So we started refusing to sell his family's order to anyone but him.

One very busy Saturday, I am running the main register. He makes his order, comes in and is waiting with everyone else. His turn comes. I retrieve his order, start showing it to him and he starts in complaining loudly that we never get his order right. I ask him what is wrong with the pizzas in front of him. He doesn't answer but continues to rant loudly about how we are the worst, etc. While he is ranting, I close up his pizza boxes and set them back on the warmer. He stops and looks at me.

I then calmly tell him that since it is obvious that there is no pleasing him, I am not going to bother selling him the pizzas he ordered. He turns about six shades of purple, lunges at me and then tries to climb over the counter and grab his pizzas off the rack. I step back, grab his pizzas and hand them to a coworker, and tell them to take his pizzas to the back and get my manager.

The guy runs out the door and all the other customers are just standing there wondering what they just witnessed. I call the next name and start selling pizzas again.

Later my manager comes to me and tells me she called the guy and told him he was banned from buying pizzas from us ever again.

Well, about a month later, I'm running the register, call out a name and the guy's teen son comes up to the register. He's his usual friendly self. I sell him his pizzas, but I notice he looks different. Prior to this the kid would look like he had been in a fight or was bruised in some way. This time he had no cuts, bruises or band-aids on him. I didn't say anything. He took his pizzas and left.

For the next few weeks, we'd get an order for the family under the new name. We'd fill it. The kid would pick it up and pay for it. We never heard any complaints. I'd still show him the pizzas before I rang him up. He'd always be very happy and tell us the pizzas looked great, etc.

Then early one afternoon, my manager asked me to show up a little early. She said there was a meeting I had to attend due to a customer requesting a meeting with both of us. The request had come through our corporate office.

I get to work, my manager tells me that the guy had called corporate and demanded a meeting be set up. Corporate had talked to my manager and she had filled them in on his ordering habits, etc. Her boss then said he would attend the meeting too. She told me to keep an open mind, allow her to do her job and see what happens.

The guy shows up, has his wife with him and his teen son. My manager introduces her boss to the guy. He introduces his wife and kid to us. Then my manager asks, "so what can we do for you?"

He asks me if I remember the last time he and I talked. I nodded. He goes on to say that it was very memorable to him also. He said his actions had scared him and made him take a good long look at himself. He said that, long story short, he had gotten help and was there to apologize to me for the way he had acted. I just stood there. I didn't know what to say. He said what he was doing was something that he felt he needed to do. Up to that night his life had been out of control and that he had almost lost his family over the way he had been.

His wife thanked us and he shook my hand, and my manager said some things, excused me and I headed into the back of the store to prepare for my shift. She later filled me in on the rest of her conversation. After he left that night, he'd gone home without the pizzas. After my manager had called and told him he was banned, his wife packed up her stuff and left him, telling him that until he got help, he could forget about having either of them in his life. So, I figure it was her giving him an ultimatum more than what went on in our store that gave him good reason to do something about his problem.
- for2fly

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6. I'm currently working at an art supplies store that isn't open until this Thursday. We've been in store since the 4th of February setting it up, and people always try to come inside (ignoring the 3 giant "coming soon" signs, and the banner.) Most people get to the automatic doors, realize they won't open, look around, and see the signs, then leave.

Well, it was about 9:01pm, (we close at 9 regularly) and some asshole shows up, and knocks on the door. I pry the doors open, and tell him that we're closed.

Him: "no, it'll only take a minute, open 'er back up."
Me: "no, sir, we're literally closed for the month."
Him: "What about all this sh*t on the shelves?"
Me: "You mean the 1/3 of the store that's stocked? Yeah, we're in the process of opening this store. The sign says Feb 25th..."
Him: "Give me the store phone number! I'm calling your manager."
Me: "The store isn't open, the phone doesn't work, but my manager is in the back, I can go get her."
Him: "No, boy, I'm dealing with you!"
Me: "well, we're closed."
Him: "[threatening voice] Just you wait, I'm coming back."
Me: "But that's what I've been trying to get you to do..."

Guy goes to his car and peels out and leaves.

7. A disgruntled timeshare owner faxed a death threat to my office in Sedona, Arizona, complete with the date and time he planned to come to the office with his various firearms to discuss his complaints. To his credit, he was a man of his word, and showed up promptly at the specified time.

He received a sentence of 6 to 18 months.
- salliek76

8. A woman threatened to have her daughter pee on our floor if we didn't give her a refund once.
- thedoctorofgallifrey

9. I work at a retailer that sells popular body products. Fragrances come and go, thats just how it is, they cant keep them all forever! Well sometimes people get so upset when I tell them their fragrance is no longer in stores, however most of them ARE online.

Lady comes in today and demands a fragrance we don't have in stores. I very politely tell her we do not carry it in stores but she can still find it online! She loses it, she starts screaming about how I am incompetent, and how she should be able to buy it in store if it is online. Keep in mind she is YELLING at me, like screaming over a fucking scent of lotion.

I tell her most online only products are marked that way and I give her a customer service card, because she is so irate and this company is obsessed with making customers happy, I tell her she can have 20% off her purchase. She screams at me and tells me if I don't give her money to cover shipping she's going to make me sorry. I tell her I can't just take money from the store. She says not from the store, YOU should give it to me. She wanted me to hand her money from my own fucking pocket to cover shipping. She actually said, I don't think I'm being unreasonable. I basically just stared at her. She said she was coming back, and I might want to reconsider.
- Megling1285

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10. I didn't have any of this guy's fave ciggies, so he gets pissed off and threatens to jump the counter and bash me. I just said don't worry about jumping, I'll just open the door and let you in... let's see what you've got. He declined.
- Dessicated


They always come back...there's almost nowhere else to shop in town.
- polar_bear464

12. I work at a smoke shop in a college town, all in all the customers are pretty cool, get a few tweakers every now and then looking for crack pipes and such. So in our shop you are not allowed to refer to a bong as a bong, it must be called a water pipe because bong implies drug use (and yes i know what people are doing with them, its just the hoop we have to jump through).

I operate on a three strike policy, if i warn you three times I will ask you to leave. I had a guy that just wouldn't stop saying bong and kept making really blatant drug references and asking me where he could score. When I finally had enough and asked him to leave he started back peddling saying that he would behave.

I told him again he needed to leave as I could not sell him anything because he made it abundantly clear that he was going to use it for pot. His attitude changed as he pulled out a police badge. The guy wrote me and the shop a ticket for selling paraphernalia which was like 2 grand. Fortunately we have cameras with audio that caught the whole thing on tape. The charges got dropped and the guy was supposedly suspended. Now the cops around town love our shop and actually go out of their way to make sure everything is cool after hours.
- tspoonracer

13. I worked at an ice rink in a pretty affluent area up until a year or two ago. Friday and Saturday nights the rink had free skate nights that mostly drew the middle-school crowd, as there was a public middle school next door. These are 11-14 year olds with the guys dressed 'gangster' and the girls in bicycle shorts, push ups and tank tops in an ICE RINK, referred to the rest of the post as 'prostitots'. The rink has a City Police Officer come to run security on the place because these kids sneak off into First Aid rooms to do whatever. Some of the things i've dealt with:

I was working with a very passive co-worker one night in the concession stand. He was leaning on the counter on his elbows when two kids (13-14) walk up, pull their wallets out, and proceed to see 'who has a bigger wad of cash on them'. Both had 60+ dollars on them. Our food isn't cheap ($3ish for fries, $2ish for hot chocolate), but not a 60$ night. One of them emerges victorious from the money count, and presses the wad of cash in my co-worker's face. "You like how that smells? Mmm." Kid got thrown out later that night for making an a*s of himself regardless. Management knew who he was.

Self-entitled prats reaching over the counter and stealing stuff on display. Candy, whipped cream dispensers, dipping sauce cups, anything they could reach.

I've had prostitots come to the counter and try and push their A-cups up to get free shit.
- TheNatch


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