1/10) "My friend's a nurse, and when she delivered her first baby, as soon as she got the baby out, she looked at it, then looked at the parents and asked "OK, which of you has six fingers?"

The mother broke down crying yelling "I'm sorry" to the husband. As it turns out, their neighbour apparently had 6 fingers."


2/10) My mom has seen a lot of babies come out "the wrong color", but the story she always tells is a very dark black couple who ended up having a baby that came out COMPLETELY white with white-blonde hair.

The dad stormed out before the doctor could tell him the baby was albino, and he yelled the whole way down the hallway something along the lines of: "I feed you, I fucked you, I rubbed your damn back and you give me a white baby!". He was apparently heard in the parking lot singing "That baby ain't mine".

He came back in the morning with coffee for the staff and a big bouquet of flowers and balloons for his wife because his mom or someone asked if the baby could have been albino since he had an albino cousin.

3/10) "My friend was a delivery nurse for the hospital that all high risk pregnancies go to. They are extremely busy and she has brought a lot of people into the world. She once delivered a baby in the parking lot by herself. This has come up on a weekly basis, but she shared the best story with us.

A Caucasian couple come in and the mother is in labor. When the dude is filling out paperwork the mother takes the doctor aside. She tells him there is a chance that the baby may a different race than the father and to let her know as soon as the baby is born.

The baby is born. The doctor turns to the mother and announces loudly, "Congratulations on your WHITE baby boy."

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4/10) "My wife's cousin's 3rd came out black. She's married to the pastiest Irish guy you can find. Their marriage did not end, but this has created an interesting story. Grandma tells every one that he is just really native american (her husband was 1/2 native). He is now 15 and still, no one in the family will admit that he's black."


5/10) "A patient asked if both possible fathers could be in her c-section so that neither would miss the birth of his child. They'd figure out the details later."


6/10) "My mom is a labor and delivery nurse. One time she had a patient whose parents were present during her stay at the hospital. The staff there have a white board with some general information about the patients like blood type, time spent in the wing, and like how far along. This information is nameless for HIPAA reasons and instead has a patients number.

So this patient happened to be the only one in the wing at the time. Her father was walking back from the cafeteria at one point, and noticed the board. He stopped one of the nurses and asked if the blood type for the patient on the board was correct (he knew his daughter was the only patient there). It was B+. The nurse confirmed it was correct.

Turns out he knew his and his wife's blood type. He was O+ and his wife was A-. This combination will never yield a B+ baby. He brings his wife out and just points at the board and this look of shock washes over her."


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7/10) "Not a doctor, but my best friends stepbrother was that guy who found out he wasn't the father because the baby was black.

I'll try to make it short. Dude had gone to rehab twice and was doing really really well. He came back home for a weekend and fucked his ex-girlfriend. Left and went back to his house states away to continue his newfound life. Got the call she was pregnant and dropped everything to come back and be a father. We were really worried he would relapse but he was great.

So 9 months of preparation goes by. He was gonna be an awesome dad. All worried about relapsing were gone and he seemed ready to become the best dad he could ever be.

Baby comes out. Everybody's happy. Nurse takes him aside after a few minutes and says "I want to ask you something. You do know that's not your kid right?" He says what do you mean?

"Well, that baby is at least half black, but the pigments are prolly going to really darken."

So he goes over to his ex and asks if there's anyways what the nurse just told him is true. She starts sobbing and breaks down completely. Admits that she fucked a black guy right around time he came back. So he says, "Alright. I'm glad you and the baby are healthy. Have a nice life."

Walks into the waiting room where all the new grandparents are waiting. Cheers. Celebration. "Everything good?"

"Yep. Healthy baby. Healthy mom. I'm not the father. I'm outta here." And walked right out the fucking door.

The girls parents even wanted him to pay and support. He moved back to where he got his life back together and is doing incredibly well. But man, I wish he had all that time back."


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8/10) "I'm not a doctor, but when my godson was born, the nurse told us about this guy who had gotten two girls pregnant at the same time. They both wound up at that hospital just down the hall from each other giving birth hours apart. What a lucky guy."


9/10) "It wasn't at the birth, but: I used to work for a urologist who did vasectomies. He did a vas on a guy, then did the requisite 3-month and 6-month semen analysis follow up tests to make sure it worked. The 6 month test showed no sperm, so the guy was all set to...not father children.

Fast forward two years, and he calls my surgeon fuming, ranting and raving about how he fucked up the vasectomy and now his wife is pregnant. So doc orders another semen analysis - of course, it comes back totally negative. A very awkward conversation ensued in the exam room that I'd have paid anything to eavesdrop on. The best part is, the couple left the office pissed off, with the wife sticking to her story that she would never cheat on her husband, and the husband in complete denial that she'd ever lie about that. Last I heard they were gearing up to sue or something."


10/10) "This happened in my immediate family.

My mother is white mix American, brown hair and green eyes, married a full-blooded Japanese man. My two younger brothers and I are very, very obviously half-Jap. I got the black hair, brown eyes, and a slight cast to my eyes, my brothers look Jap as fuck in the face, with brown hair (Mom's) and lighter eyes.

After the third kid, things weren't going so hot with my mother and father. Lotta fights, lots of nights where I would wake up, at the age of 5, and find my dad slept on the couch.

Mom gets pregs again, even though they only had sex once after my youngest brother was born. Their relationship continues to deteriorate during the pregnancy. The big day comes, out comes my baby sister, last of the bunch.

My sister was born white, with a shock of bright red hair and a VERY pale complexion, and no Jap features at all.

My father's best friend was a tall Danish redheaded dude. It took my father about 36 hours to put two and two together. He confronted my mother in the hospital, and she admitted she'd been fucking his best friend behind his back since before my youngest brother was born.

Divorce happened not long after that. My father ran the fuck away from alla that bullshit.

Funny thing? I didn't realize my sister was from another father until I was 16 years old, and my girlfriend asked why my sister looked nothing like me and my brothers. I asked my mother, and got the full story. To this day, she's not my half-sister - she's my sister. We grew up together, and she my sis, I'm her eldest bro.

But yeah. It ended the marriage, more or less on the spot."



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