People Reveal What Their Richest Friend Actually Does For A Living


Friend groups tend to be from similar socioeconomic levels, but even within those groups there are usually one or two who are better off than the others. Lots of people have that one friend who seems to always be on vacation or showing up with a whole new wardrobe.

Reddit user u/royal_potato wanted to get an idea of what those people do for work, so they asked:

"What does the richest friend of yours do for a living?"


They grew up dirt poor and homeless. Started doing yard work for people using their tools. Got enough money to buy an Rv. Got a job working at McDonald's. Saved up until he got a house. Flipped it, did that 12 more times, now he owns a ton of apartment complexes, and is now a developer building new ones. He is 72 years old. Wakes up every morning at 5am. Hasn't had to work in 30 years. Still does.



He does or has done pretty much everything imaginable. He started saving money working 3 or 4 part time jobs in high school. He then graduated college for Massage therapy for sports injuries and now owns 2 business and is a fitness instructor in his spare time. He's worked his ass off and I'm extremely proud of him.



Dentist, used to be a model; used the modelling money to pay for a dentistry degree without one penny of debt. Clever girl, and more power to her.



Works for google making 6 figures right out of college and being the best husband and father to his wife and 2 adorable kids. I'm envious but incredibly proud of him and he deserves every bit of success he has.

This kid worked his ass off in high school and at 15 got his girlfriend pregnant with their son. He didn't let that stop him, he got multiple jobs, moved into a tiny apartment with his girlfriend (who also worked multiple jobs while pregnant), all while studying hard and keeping his gpa up and graduating at the top of his class with full ride scholarships to college. He married his girlfriend in the county courthouse and they both ended up working with me at a restaurant while he was going to college for a while. During that time they had gone through a miscarriage and a second high risk pregnancy which gave them their beautiful little girl. He busted his ass and graduated with absolutely zero debt from Clemson and was hired by google pending his graduation. now they are living their lives to the fullest. This guy and his wife are two are the kindest, hardest working, and most deserving people I will ever know and I'm so happy to have known them.



She is a developer. However, this was after she went to Medical school, became a doctor, worked as a doctor for a couple years, said ehh I'm bored going to go back to school. Got another degree and is now a huge computer programming developer in Silicon Valley. She's awesome.



Corporate lawyer. In house counsel. Her bonus checks are bigger than my family's combined income, and we are doing well.



Runs a company started by his late father. I've been friends with him since junior high school, and he was the richest kid in the class. He wasn't particularly good academically, but he seems to know how to run a business.

He owns at least 4-5 supercars (Ferrari, McLaren), also an $8 million yacht.
He's a really honest, modest, generous, and nice guy, but I wonder how fulfilling his life is; it really seems that expensive entertainment and luxuries are his only pleasure.



Doctor who married very rich girl and her father bought them a new clinic. He would be rich anyway, but his starting point was where he would be in 15-20 years.



Make custom made knives for well known chefs.



Lives off a trust fund + juggles two sugar daddies. Seems to work just fine for her, last Instagram post was from a private jet in the Turks and Caicos.



Ok. this might be interesting to some. Met the dude in high school when we both worked at a steak house. They opened a K-mart in our small home town and we became the first stock boys

I moved on to other jobs. He stayed in retail.

He is now an executive for Walmart. He has been for like 20 years or so.

I am unemployed.



Literally nothing. Never worked a day in his life. Dropped out of high school at 17. Parents are worth nearly 60 million dollars according to him, they just give him whatever he asks for. At first I thought he was lying until he showed me his dads Wikipedia page.

He lives in a cramped apartment with us because he likes us as friends, and he grew up with no friends. All he does is stay at the apartment and cook us food and play video games and smoke pot and play with the dog. He pretty much always spots us if we are short on rent, although we are well aware that if he wanted, he could just pay all of our rents every month.



He's a former model who was a successful architect before that. Now he designs huge houses (almost mansions, I guess) that he lives in while he designs another one for him to live in. Sells each one off for exorbitant prices and moves on. He made a ton modeling, and could've just retired on that as it was. Super kind, humble dude who throws wonderful house parties.



My best friend started a job with a ~100k salary right out of college and for the last 10 years never spend an unnecessary penny on anything. she lives in a shared flat, drives a POS car and cooks and refrigirates her meals for the week every sunday.

Her plan is to retire at 45 and spend the rest of her life travelling, at the moment it certainly looks like she will make it.



Runs a chain of hotels and commercial and residential developments, He just bought a helicopter.



He's so wealthy that his only occupation is as a philanthropist - deciding how to give money away.


Sounds more stressful and complicated, you have to have a deeper understanding of things and the potential affects of what it is that you're investing in. If you're not open to an idea then it may be squashed and won't be a possible future. Good on your friend for having that ability.



Same thing I do, but he isn't married, has no kids, and lives in his mom's house rent-free.

It's amazing how much of a difference that makes.



Works in the oil field. Rather than spend all the money like typical oil field guys that don't see it ever coming to an end. He's invested lots, bought 2 houses, does 4-5 trips a year, plus road trips with the boys for hockey games and such. You'd never know it by just having a conversation with him. Seriously good dude.



Works himself to death doing contract review and asset allocation blah blah. Dudes a workaholic, he makes good money but his work life balance is terrible.


I know a CPA like this. Makes over 200k at his main job and another 250k at side gigs like consulting or work form home stuff. He works from 6am until midnight every god damned day and brags so much about his income that I doubt he is actually happy. His marriage is sh*t. That is for sure.



Pediatric doctor trauma ER. I'd rather be poor


My brothers wife does this. Ive litterally never seen her. She is either asleep or at work. There is this ideas that doctors make too much money. ITS NOT ENOUGH. Id never be capable to put up half her hours, or deal with half of her role. I think she maxed out at 120 hours before.


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